Why Texas families decide to move to New Jersey

There are plenty of reasons to move to New Jersey. It’s a great state for starters. Many families in Texas don’t like the fact that this state is growing so fast and by growing we mean getting overcrowded. Since the demand is getting higher as you can expect real estate prices are also getting quite high. Also, recently Texas ranked not so great in the quality of life opportunities. Below average actually. Some people don’t like the weather in Texas (it gets really hot during summer) and hurricane season can be rough too. Like in every other state Texas has some good sides and some bad ones. But Texan families seem to really like New Jersey. You will see all the reasons why and if you too prefer NJ we will show you who can help you relocate there along with your family.

The safest place to live in the nation

For years New Jersey is always voted to be the safest place to live in the whole nation. Just check out the FBI crime statistics and you will see just how low the rates are. For a family, the most important thing is the safety of their children of course. That’s why many Texan families decide to move to New Jersey. This doesn’t mean Texas is bad or that something bad will happen to you if you are living there. You just have much fewer chances of getting robbed or worse in New Jersey that’s all. Because of that seniors are more and more looking at New Jersey instead of Florida for their retirement.

Surveillance cameras
This is a safe community.

Plentiful Job Opportunities

We made it sound like only families with kids and seniors like New Jersey, but that’s not the case. Young professionals like this state too! Depending on the line of work you are in you can find a lot of amazing job opportunities here. Some of the biggest companies/employers there are Johnson&Johnson, United Airlines, and RWJBarnabas Health.  If you check out Fortune 500 Companies, you will see 28 of them in New Jersey. Some of those are even hiring now! So, start applying and call allseasonmovers.com to help you relocate!

A convenient location

Wherever you decide to live in New Jersey, you won’t be far from a major highway, like I-95, I-287, the Garden State Parkway, or Routes 202, 206, or 22. Philadelphia and New York City are very close! You can even work in NYC and live in New Jersey. Many people do that. That doubles or even triples your job possibilities. Also, this state has both mountains and amazing beaches! How great is that?

A young man in a street
You can easily go to New York whenever you feel like it.

New Jersey offers a reciprocal tax agreement with PA

Here is another convenient fact for you. This state offers residents a reciprocal tax agreement with PA. If you don’t know what this means – it means that you pay taxes in the state where you live, rather than where you work. This is great since there are many people that live in NYC and work in New Jersey and the other way around.  There was concern last fall that the agreement would be discontinued, the Governor announced that it won’t be affected so everything is good!

An excellent education

After safety, this is the second biggest concern families with young children have. You want your kids to get the best possible education. That can be the key to their future success. According to Niche.com New Jersey has some amazing school districts and many public schools are rated above average. If your kids decide to further his or hers education there are some amazing solutions like Princeton University, The College of New Jersey, and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Weather in New Jersey

Living in New Jersey allows you to experience all four seasons which is considered to be very healthy. We already mentioned that some people don’t enjoy so much the hot weather in Texas. If you are one of those, you will love New Jersey.

A boat you can enjoy if you move to New Jersey
If you move to New Jersey you can enjoy skiing in the winter and tanning on the beach in the summer.

If you decide to move to New Jersey

In case you do decide to relocate here, assistance is always within reach. Once you settle in, you will surely be very happy. Plan this relocation and do it right. Hiring professional movers is always the best way to have a stress-free relocation and complete the process fast without any difficulties.

Tips and tricks for easier relocation

  1. Declutter before you start with packing
  2. Plan everything ahead of time
  3. Research the internet to find more smart tips and tricks
  4. Download moving apps
  5. Unnecessary items can be sold, donated, or recycled
  6. Prepare packing materials (bubble wrap, moving boxes, packing paper, duct tape…)
  7. Consider renting plastic bins instead of buying cardboard boxes that you have to dispose of later on
  8. Start packing small and breakable items first
  9. Pack by room
  10. Make checklists
  11. Hire professional movers to make the relocation easier
  12. Label all moving boxes to make unpacking easier later on
  13. Pack one bag with just necessities for the road
  14. Unpack as soon as you can

These are just the most basic tips that can be helpful when on a moving day. If you have the time try finding online some more useful tips. Luckily there is Google always to show you a million hits on this topic. Being prepared and finding out everything in advance will make your move to New Jersey with your family that much easier. So why not give it a go. The same goes for those moving apps. They can be quite useful and they are free to use so there is no downside for downloading one or a few. Good luck with your upcoming relocation!