Why is winter the best time to move from Texas to Florida

Contrary to popular belief the best time to plan your move is wintertime. While traditionally people tend to move when the weather is warmer there are many benefits of a winter move. If you plan a move from Texas to Florida this will bring a welcome change. Texas can get pretty cold and moving to the warm Florida weather may prove to be a blessing. But that is not the only reason. Contrary to the traditional moving season, summer and spring, winter has many factors making it a better choice. Let’s explore some of the reasons why winter may prove to be the best time to move.

Summer/Winter – moving seasons

Traditionally the dominant moving seasons are Summer and Spring. Good weather, sun, and warmth are the main reasons that make moving at this time pleasant and easy. Moving like this may seem less stressful. Families also end up having more time to move. Vacation time and summer breaks are great for planning a move. This time is also the time when the real estate market is booming and it’s easy to find a home or an apartment that will suit your needs.

People in front of a moving van
A winter move from Texas to Florida is the best decision you can make for many reasons

Moving in winter is quite the opposite. Freezing weather and snow put people off moving. The cold is unforgiving and having a physical activity like moving is not pleasant. Ice, snow, and sleet also make travel more dangerous and difficult to navigate so many people avoid moving in wither. At the same time, winter is the holiday season and people tend to spend time with family in the warmth of their home.

Reasons to move – winter option

There are many pros and cons to an untraditional winter move. Some even consider winter the best time to move. This is because although there are many obvious reasons to avoid a winter move there are also many benefits to doing it. Proper preparation and planning can make this move easy.  Local professional movers promoversmiami.com can also help you out with this preparation. In this way you will be able to exploit at least some of the benefits of moving in winter:

  • Flexible moving dates
  • High-quality service
  • Cheaper moving services
  • Less competition
  • Rent and incentives
  • Brokerage fee and negotiating position

Flexible moving dates

Moving companies are usually free during the winter months. This is because most people tend to move during the summer. So, this means that they can be more flexible about moving dates if you move from Texas to Florida during winter. As they are not overwhelmed it is easier to make an agreement on a moving date that will suit you most.

Moving crew loading a truck for a move from Texas to Florida
It is easier to find movers in winter and the move can be cheaper

High-quality service

As the pressure is off movers tend to provide a better service to you. They do not have to rush from client to client so they have more time to do a good job. You can expect that your movers will take more care and attention to your moving needs and the services you will require. Using other services like storage can be much easier in the winter. Due to lack of demand and competition, you will be able to choose. You may be able to easily find an adequate unit that will suit your need at a fraction of the cost.

Cheaper moving services

All of the moving services that professionals provide are much cheaper in the winter. The reason for this is clear, they are trying to stimulate people to move in their off-season ea. during winter. So, they usually have lower moving rates than in rather alleviate pressure from having too many customers in the summer. Movers may also provide certain services for free or with a considerable discount. So, while you move from Texas to Florida and into your new place, you might be able to rely on assistance in the area that you haven’t planned for. At the same time, a decision to move during winter can be very beneficial to your moving budget.

Less competition

Aside from moving there are other factors to consider. Finding a place to live is much easier in the winter. There is less competition so it’s easier to find a vacancy or an apartment that will perfectly suit you. The supply can be very high so the prices can be lower. You might be able to afford an apartment that is much more expensive during the winter. This is because your negotiating position is better and you can calculate and negotiate with landlords. As you will see they will also be willing to give in to your demands and adapt to your needs.

Rent and Incentives

Usually rent is much lower in the winter. As many condos may stay available during winter landlords can be motivated to stimulate renters with lower rent. They are more motivated to negotiate the terms of a lease. The lease may even be 3 to 5 % lower in the winter. They can also provide additional incentives. They usually come in the form of a month or two for free. You can also get a month or two of free amenities if you lease in the winter. This is all highly beneficial and is a good reason to plan your move in the winter. So you can take considerable advantage of this stronger negotiating position which will be of value for your moving and renting budget.

Brokerage fee and negotiating position

Any brokerage fee that you have to pay to an intermediary is considerably lower during winter. You can search for an apartment before moving but there are brokers that help you find an apartment that is free during winter. Due to the lack of demand, they are motivated to give you a discount for their services. In this way, they secure customers while you as the tenant have lower expenses while moving and finding an apartment.

People shaking hands
Finding an apartment is easier and it can be more affordable

The downside to winter moving

Besides all of the upsides that make winter the best time for moving there are also some downsides. Moving during the holiday season may prove to be difficult as some movers will not work during holidays. The weather may be freezing making moving out an unpleasant experience. In some cases, the moving conditions and traffic may hide your moving activities and make them difficult.

It is clear that there are many reasons that make winter the best time to move. People may dread this preposition but a closer look at all of the benefits can sway them. Just keep in mind to prepare well for your winter move from Texas to Florida sun.