Why choose Pennsylvania when buying a second house

Why would someone choose Pennsylvania when buying a second house? To be honest, there are so many viable reasons for that. This is why you might want to go through our article and read more about it. Below you will find the answers to all of your potential questions. And for sure you have a lot. After living your whole life in Texas and putting money aside for this particular moment, you are more entitled to a bunch of honest answers from our side.

Real estate investment is never a liability, much more of an asset. Once you decide that your second house should be more than a vacation home, you can even rent it. But, of course, first of all, you will need to grab all of your stuff out from there. This is why you should look at our room-by-room packing guide to get some help on your new journey.

Vintage house with a bike parked next to its windows is what you get if you choose Pennsylvania when buying a second house
Vintage houses provide endless fascination and it makes it seem that you live in a time capsule.

Here are some of the most relevant reasons why you should choose Pennsylvania when buying your second house:


Friendly people at every step

You will fall in love with this magical place from day one. And this is not only because of the great scenery and fresh air. Another thing that is pretty fresh around here is the mentality of people. Their positivity is said to be overwhelming. They will for sure do whatever is in their power to help a friend out. Neighbors are having at least three to four barbecues per month. What else to say about their hospitality? Come here and see for yourself how does it feel to live in a family-like community.


Magnificent landscapes

With over 100 parks with waterfalls and fishing spots, Pennsylvania is a truly green paradise that you shouldn`t miss. Some of the stuff you have in your original home back in Texas will for sure not fit in here. That’s why you should rely on local storage services. You might think that there`s no magic solution for items you don’t use often, but you’re wrong. 


Top-rated Universities

Just in case you are considering the benefits that Pennsylvania has to offer from an educational perspective, you should know there are plenty of them as well. Three of the most important Universities are located around here, so you might consider signing up as soon as your relocation is complete. The University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, and also Carnegie Mellon are the big shot universities that you don`t want to let out of your sight when trying to pick one.

Statue of a man on a horse.
“In all debates, let the truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.”

Such an affordable place

One of the main reasons why you should choose Pennsylvania when buying your second house is the way of life around here. The price is way under the national average. And this without decreasing the quality of life it offers to its residents. New homes are often bought by families due to the low cost of living here. But you can save even more money simply by not buying the newest of the houses out there. There are some important factors to consider when renovating an old house, so you might want to take notes.


Plenty of career opportunities

So many big shot corporations have their headquarters around here. This is why one thing is for sure: you will never starve. All you need to have is the proper motivation and determination. You can achieve the world only by possessing these two important and rare qualities. They will take you a long way in life. So many entrepreneurs but a solid foundation for established industries. Which means that you will also be able to reach your glory. With a clever plan of course. Pennsylvania is also a tech spot and starting to become a real force in the robotics and manufacturing industries. We`ve almost forgotten about it being the most important export link for Hershey`s chocolate. Of course, you should consider the great adventure of working in such a sweet environment without overeating.


Beaches are not that far away

Only a 5-hour drive to the paradise of beaches is a good enough reason to choose Pennsylvania when buying a second house. Think about all the lazy weekends you could spend with your favorite book and a pina colada on the hot sand. Stop having second thoughts about moving. It`s obviously the best option for you right now. So just get your moving quote from superiormovinginc.com and start enjoying yourself more and more.


Proximity to New York City

We almost forgot to tell you that moving to this naturally beautiful city makes you only 200 miles away from NYC. So in case you like The Big Apple for its diversity and countless opportunities but still want to have your own ZEN corner of relaxation, here is the place for you. Living in Texas for sure has made you be in love with your own self and have time to hear your thoughts. Which, to be honest, is almost impossible in NYC. The noise is sometimes too much for most of the provincials. This is why they choose to relocate close enough to benefit from the opportunities, but far enough to enjoy their quiet.

Rustical architecture of a house with two windows which have light brown frames on the outside.
Old houses can be bought for less and be subject to remodeling later on. This is going to make it much cheaper for you overall.

Pennsylvania?! Great choice!

So these were the seven main reasons why you should choose Pennsylvania when buying a second house. If you are the nomad type of person, you should give a read to our tips for people who move a lot. They really proved to be pretty much helpful to so many of our readers, which is why we are sure they will suit you well also. Try and make up your mind about it without stalling too much time. Much more experienced people than us are saying that life passes in the blink of an eye. So make sure you make the life in your years’ count, rather than thinking about the years in your life.