Why are millennials moving out of Texas

In the past couple of decades, Texas was the go-to place for expats. Expats from all over the USA, and even from other continents, used to gladly move here. They did it because of top-notch health care and education systems, because of lower costs of living, and because of good job opportunities. And, even though Texas still has some of those features, many millennials are still moving out. Believe it or not, but, right now, Texas is the number one place people move out of. In just one year, 467,338 millennials have decided that Texas will no longer be their home. So, why are so many millennials moving out of Texas? Well, that is what we are here to tell you! Thus, if this is something that interests you, just keep on reading.

Millennials Are Not Satisfied With the Business Climates

Even though there are some great places for starting a business in Texas, still, the number one reason why so many millennials are moving out of Texas is the unfavorable business climate. Let us clarify this a bit. For instance, while other states are helping small companies by giving them incentives or tax reductions, Texas helps only corporations and wealthy individuals. So, if you are a small business owner, do not even count on the state’s help.

Moreover, while other states are investing in business infrastructures, Texas does not. That is why there are so many power outages in summers and winters, which, of course, hinder all the businesses. These, and a lot more factors, contribute not only to the poor business climate but also to the bad economy and thus, fewer job openings.

A worried man trying to figure out the reasons why millennials are moving out of Texas
Millennials are moving out of Texas because the state cannot support their businesses and employment.

Bad Healthcare System

In the past, Texas had one of the most top-notch healthcare systems in the entire USA. However, that same system is getting worse by the year. One of the main reasons for that is, again, the state not investing enough in it. The hospitals, except those main ones in Austin, are in awful condition; the equipment is outdated; there are no medical experts.

All of this leads to a dreadful conclusion – people are getting ill and there are no doctors nor the appropriate equipment for their treatment. And, to make things worse, the average lifespan in Texas is currently 70.1. That may sound okay, but what if we told you that that same lifespan was 78.5 just a couple of years ago? So, it does not come as surprise why so many millennials are finding movers on verifiedmovers.com to help them when moving out of Texas – they just want to live a longer life.

Expensive (And Ugly) Properties

Texas architecture is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago. Before we had both big metropolitan and tiny charming cities, we had amazing-looking houses and building with spacious yards, and most importantly, we had a lot of greenery. Nowadays, things could not be more different.

Today, when you walk the streets of Texas, all you can see is the lack of zoning rules. Neighborhoods are tacky, houses are without an order, and ugly skyscrapers are everywhere. Moreover, there are not as many green areas for people to enjoy either – they have been replaced mostly by corporate businesses. Of course, there are still some great Texas cities and neighborhoods for families, the elderly, businessmen, students, etc., which welcome ex-pats, but, their prices are high. The median home price in these kinds of neighborhoods is around 350,000 and it can go up to 1 million.

The view of Austin, Texas
The most expensive properties in Texas are located in Austin.

What About Safety?

There is a new law in Texas that claims that carrying guns is now allowed. You do not even need a license or a permit for a weapon in today’s Texas. This means that any individual (an individual without proper training), can walk into a weapon store and buy whatever he or she likes. This, of course, raised many conflicts! But, even though many people voted against this law, it still passed. So, naturally, many millennials, who are mostly people with children, decided to engage people with experience and move to another state. It is understandable – it is not comfortable knowing that your children are playing on the streets where people are allowed to carry guns.

However, we would be lying if we said that the crime rate worsened. To be honest, after passing this law, the crime rate in Texas decreased. Whether that is connected with the ‘new’ law or not, is still not known. But, nevertheless, millennials find this inappropriate and are no, more than ever, looking for ways to move out of Texas.

Two boys playing inside.
Because of safety reasons, some parents do not allow their children to play outside.

High Costs of Living, But Low Salaries

Unfortunately, people around the world face this problem. So, we cannot say that this is something that is affecting only the residents of Texas. However, it is still one of the issues that are forcing millennials to be moving out of Texas. Unless you are living in Austin and unless you are employed at some wealthy, corporate company, the chances are that you are struggling. The minimum wage in all Texas cities is $7.25, and the median wage is about 10% lower when compared to other USA states. However, lower salaries do not mean lower costs of living, no. The costs of living in Texas, especially in the capital, are extremely high. The most expensive ‘things’ are real estate, healthcare, education, bills, entertainment, and food.

To conclude – yes, there are many legitimate reasons for millennials moving out of Texas. And, today, we mentioned just a few of them. But, of course, it is not all bad here. Living in Texas can be amazing and it can come with many benefits – it all depends on you. There are also many reasons why you should be Texan too! Thus, do research on your own as well before you decide to start packing your bags and moving out or moving in.