Where in California should a Texas family look for their second house

Buying a second home in California is a pretty good investment. Even if you’re not really into following real estate trends, it sounds attractive. These days it’s not unusual for families to obtain a second property. Whether it’s a mere real estate investment or a life-long dream of obtaining a beach-side home, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that California’s real estate market is booming. So, what’s going on? During the covid19 pandemic house owners all over California had a blast, so to speak. They would put up their homes for sale on a real estate website and – boom! Even the most expensive ones found their new owners within a week. It’s pretty safe to say the market is booming, as we’ve mentioned earlier. Let’s get back to the title of this article. Where in California should a Texas family look for their second house? We’ve made a list of some of the cities you might find pretty interesting. Take a look and see what’s up.

Lake Tahoe

According to some real estate experts, Lake Tahoe is one of the best places in the US to own a second house. That’s right – not just in California. It’s an all-season resort between California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is quite known for its phenomenal natural landscape. That being said, it’s a popular tourist destination. You can earn a lot of money by renting it to nature-lovers while you’re away in Texas. Lake Tahoe, unlike the coastal part of California, is not overcrowded with hotels, so your second home, arranged nicely, can be quite of an attraction for people looking out to spend a weekend on the shore of the second-deepest lake in the United States. As we’ve said earlier in the paragraph, the resort is active during all seasons, and you can even do some skiing during the winter months.

A beautiful sight captured at Lake Tahoe.
Would you look at that? Nature-lovers are bound to visit Lake Tahoe at least once during their lifetime.


If you love the mid-sized town vibe, this one’s the place for you. With a population of about 50k residents, it’s certainly not an overcrowded community. You’ll certainly find some peace and quiet visiting your second home in Gilroy. During the past couple of years, there have been new jobs opening up, and the unemployment rate was never lower. The city has become attractive to experienced and educated newcomers from all around the state. Also, its moving providers are something the city’s pretty proud of. The best way to ensure you’ll settle just fine in Gilroy is to ask people who know the place, for some helping hands. They’ll gladly help you move in without you moving a muscle. Don’t hesitate to hire professionals here, because there’s no way you’ll get a better service outside of Gilroy. Once you get settled in Gilroy feel free to take your family to the city’s own Gilroy’s Gardens Family Theme Park. Your kids will love the idea.

San Jose

A short ride away from Gilroy, San Jose is the third-largest town in the state. It was, for some time, even the capital of California. History buffs will appreciate this info. If you’re one of them – maybe San Jose could be your new home. Although it’s definitely a large town (with about 950k residents), it has a pretty chill vibe to it. Summers can get pretty hot out there, but there are a number of beaches you can check out to ease the sometimes extreme weather. Here’s some sad news: it’s not that affordable. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. But if you can afford it – you can think of it as quite an investment. In real estate terms, San Jose can probably be called a seller’s market. So, you get the picture. The prices are only going up. If you’re looking to make an investment, this might be the time.

A street in San Jose. Maybe here's the place where should a Texas family look for their second house.
Although it’s a big town, San Jose has a vibe not many cities above 500k residents have. It’s a pretty chill place.

Joshua Tree

This one is for all the U2 fans out there. For those still uninformed, Joshua Tree was the name of the U2 album from the mid-’80s. It pretty much marked the decade, but let’s put aside these pop culture references. That’s not what this article is about. One question: Would you like to live surrounded by two deserts? That’s what you’ll feel like if you ever end up near Joshua Tree national park. It might be the perfect spot for you and your family. Search it up on Google Images and see the wonderful landscapes. It’s not so hard to get there as it might look. Also, wherever you’re moving in Cali you can count on quality movers. For example, you can check out the guys called Mod Movers California, professionals that won’t mind going the distance you’ve planned.


Home to the world-famous Kings, Sacramento is a beautiful town in mainland California. Although the house prices have gone up in the past year, Sacramento mortgage rates are the lowest in the state. The median home price is about 400k dollars, which makes it not so affordable. But, as it is sometimes (almost always) in life – timing is crucial. This might just be the time to enter the market. More than a half of the city’s population are renters, so there’ll always be tenants you can rent your flat to. Whatever should you choose, know that Sacramento is a great place for a Texas family to look for their second house

Sacramento skyline. A beautiful town like this is where should a Texas family look for their second house.
Sacramento is a dream come true for many US residents looking out for a second home.

A short conclusion

So, there you have it. These were some of the places in California where should a Texas family look for their second house. Some of it’s quite affordable, some of it’s not. Hopefully, some of the families will find their second homes in California. Whatever you choose in Cali, two things are very true: owning property there is a great investment, and moving services are top-notch. Have no doubt about it. Best wishes and thank you for reading.