Ways to make your home safe for seniors

Taking great care of your elderly loved ones should always be at the top of your priorities. They’ve probably been with you since you were a kid with few if any responsibilities towards them, and now it’s time you take matters into your own hands and make the rest of their life safe and pleasant, especially in their home surroundings. Most of the accidents involving the elderly happen at home. Goes without saying – that’s where they’ll be spending much of their time. In the text below we’ll show you some of the ways you can make your home safe for seniors.

Remove fall hazards

Did you know most injuries our elderly loved ones experience are the product of falling? Fall is the leading cause of injuries among our seniors. First things first – remove fall hazards. Make your home feel more open, get rid of old useless furniture taking up space, ensure your bathroom floor is, at all times, non-slippery, install motion sensor lights, and so on. The list is not so tiny, so you should take good care. Making sure your seniors are safe from falling accidents will save you up some nerves. Also, read up a thing or two about Universal Design. It will help you remodel your home so it feels user-friendly to people, regardless of their age.

Doctor reviewing an x-ray scan
Falling is the leading cause of injury among the elderly

Remove fire hazards

Imagine your elderly parent goes out for a walk and leaves the heater on. The heater is, ironically, close to your curtains. You can finish the rest of this scenario. The good thing here is – there’s probably no one in the house. Well, in any case, make sure the heater is not close to anything that can be easily set on fire. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and don’t forget to change the batteries regularly. Also, remove all the candles from your home. It may seem a bit funny, but unattended burning candles can cause quite a mess.

Make sure your elderly loved ones can contact you if anything goes wrong

Communication is the key. Talk to your seniors like you would talk to a person close to your age. Also, make sure your elderly ones can contact you if anything happens to them. Provide them with a senior-friendly cellphone. They certainly don’t need the excessive features of your new smartphone. A senior-friendly cellphone should, for example, possess a larger keypad and a wider screen. Write up some emergency numbers on sticky notes and post them on your fridge, or wherever you find handy. Those numbers should include 911, emergency contacts such as family members or friends, poison control, healthcare providers…

A group of seniors enjoying a walk
Make sure your elderly ones can contact you at any time

Making your parent feel safe is a top priority

Just like we mentioned in the beginning – safety first. Hopefully, this quick guide has been of some help to you. Rearrange your home so it fits everyone’s needs, and make sure the chance of somebody getting hurt is close, if not equal, to zero. There are numerous ways you can make your home safe for seniors, and we’ve shown you some. Best of luck with your efforts.