Trends and risks in the moving industry – 2021 edition

For any moving company, it’s good to keep up with the trends and risks in the moving industry. That will ensure that you’re positioning your business to provide the best services for the customers. Even though moving trends and risks are constantly changing, it’s good to know what decisions people are making for their moves. Especially in the year that 2020 was. So, take a look at some curious trends and risks in the moving industry – 2021 edition below to keep yourself informed.

Moving industry in 2020

Relocation is something that brings people a new start and you must pick the moving company that fits you. So, to decide what you need, you first gave to know what the trends are. In 2020, some moving industry trends have been typical of previous years. However, some of them are taking a turn in the opposite direction. More than 15.9 million people moved in 2020, both temporary and permanent moves. The most popular time to relocate in the last year was was early fall, from August to November. And even if you face bad weather you can learn how to prepare for moving in bad weather. In terms of the most popular day of the week, Monday is in the first place and Friday is the next one. These statistics are typical for household moves.

Man is learning about trends and risks in the moving industry.
Continue reading this article to discover some trends and risks in the moving industry in 2021!

Best movers 

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Trends and risks in the moving industry – 2021 edition – Location of the move

Looking at about 15.9 million moves annually, the data shows where the moves were distributed:

  • Local moves -37%, 
  • Intrastate – 27%
  • Interstate – 26%
  • International: 10%

So, most people remain in the country where they are already living and fewer people will move internationally. 

Where are Americans moving to?

When it comes to picking the right location for living, there are lots of things to consider. The right state and city depend on your priorities, budget, and many other reasons. So, where Americans are moving to right now? Well, you should know that the popular states for many people are Hawaii, Montana, and Idaho. As for the young professionals, these people are looking for their luck in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. And seniors who are planning to settle down, and choosing options like Florida, California, and Southern State of the US.

Map of the US.
Take your time when selecting the perfect place to be your new home in 2021.

Trends in the moving industry in 2021

  • Considering how people often move, there is no wonder why the moving industries are growing and developing. Movers tend to expand and offer something special to their customers. 
  • Another trend is, of course, gaining satisfied customers. But to get those, they must provide quality moving services.
  • One more important characteristic of reliable movers is having appropriate equipment. When you see that professionals are working with modernized tools, and special machinery, you can be sure that your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Skillful experts are also one of the trends that the moving industry is having. These amazing specialists will be capable of treating your items with the utmost care. Thanks to that, you will be able to learn more about common moving accidents and how to avoid them.
  • Customized services are another benefit and a trend that a great mover can provide you with. 

Risks that moving industries are struggling with

  • The major concern in the relocation project is arriving at a settled location with broken and destroyed properties. 
  • Apart from that, you should be careful when it comes to pricing. Learn more about the hidden moving fees to pay attention to in this process!
  • Make sure you are on the same page with your movers. Repeat everything a few times and be certain that you have a mutual understanding. If this information exchange is not properly done, your relocators will be uninformed and not efficiently prepared for the move.
  • Risks might appear if you are moving long-distance. So, be careful when you have that truck full of cargo on the long road!
  • Another significant mistake that movers make is taking way too many jobs than they can handle. They might not have enough equipment or room in the moving truck that will fit your belongings. So, this is also something that requires planning and their presence at your home before the move!
Now when you know these things, you will know how to begin your moving process!

In the end, how will you find the perfect movers following the trends and risks in the moving industry?

Well, you must do plenty of homework if you want to work with movers at all. So, take your time to learn how the business market in this field operates. Also, you must be informed properly about the prices, services, and additionals assistance relocators provide. That will help you gain the necessary information about trends and risks that moving industries are having in 2021. You have to be aware of the importance that moving preparations require. One of them is, of course, to find out how the movers work, and how you can have them at your disposal. Plenty of research, checking reviews, and requiring estimates will be the only right way to find relocating professionals you can trust with the safety of your belongings.