Top destinations for millennials in 2022

We are here to explore some of the most popular destinations for millennials in 2022. We won’t be covering the whole world since that will be too much. So, instead, let’s focus on Europe and find the top destinations there. This continent is very welcoming towards the USA ex-pats and young professionals like that fact. Also, their laws and rules are pretty different from what we are used to so it is interesting to explore the new culture and different kinds of life. Of course, there are many countries in Europe and they are all very different so that’s why we will show you just the top pics for millennials in the following year.


This is a beautiful country. Many Hollywood movie stars go there for summer vacation to enjoy the most amazing beaches, sea, and country in general. Their top destination is the city called Dubrovnik. But this city is not one of the top destinations for millennials, unfortunately, or for retirees. They usually go to the capital city called Zagreb, but also popular ones are Split and Rovinj. Fun fact – Game of Thrones was filmed there and you can see all those historical moments from this TV show in person if you visit Split. You can even recreate the “Shame” scene for fun. But this is not the reason why millennials are relocating here. Top education and a lot of amazing job opportunities are the main reasons. Also, reasonable costs of living. Make sure to explore this amazing country in the middle of Balkan and see everything they can offer you.

Croatia is one of the top destinations for millennials
Croatia is a very charming country in the middle of the Balkan.


This is one of the oldest nations in Europe. Its located on the Atlantic Ocean and is close to Spain. We are mentioning Spain so you know the influence they had over the years (in both directions). Since this civilization is so old you can see architecture dating back from the 1500s just walking around, how cool is that? Lisbon and Madeira are the top destinations for millennials in this country. If after serious research you decide to relocate here know that there are experts who can help you to transfer here with no hassle. Yes, we are talking about professional movers. It’s not easy relocating from the states to Europe and that’s why hiring professional movers to help you out with logistics and relocation is the smartest choice.

A very popular destination in the last few years.

Cyprus (but Greek part of the island)

Cyprus is an island. One of the most beautiful ones in the whole world. There are two parts of the island since its divided. Half of the island belongs to Turkey and the other one belongs to Greece. So, technically this is part of Europe too. The history of this island is very long, full of happiness and very sad happenings. There are books written about it so, we suggest exploring it a bit more if you are interested. But what is funny about all of this is nowadays this place is an amazing tourist destination but also full of job opportunities for young professionals. Also, it’s a perfect paradise to raise your kids. Unlike in the rest of Greece, they speak English very well so you don’t have to start learning the language right away. Do you feel like packing your bags now?


This country might look rigid and cold (and yes, winters can be quite harsh) but this can be the best place on earth to work and raise a family. Their laws and everything they do are made in a way to help the citizens. From free healthcare, good-paying jobs, great maternity, and paternity leave to just about anything you can think of. This is a reason why so many millennials are ready to accept the not-so-amazing weather and relocate here. This country can mean a better life for them and their future family.

Italy but Rome especially

This is the complete opposite and yet it is still one of the most popular destinations for millennials from the USA and the rest of the world. Some just want to see Rome and some decide to relocate here. They do not have the most sophisticated laws, they do not care that much about the efficacy of their ways and yet they have something that no other country has. The history and the special wow factor. There is no person that was ever in Rome and the reaction was “meh”. This is the capital of fashion, but let’s not forget the most amazing food, scenery, friendly Italians and of course, there are a lot of job opportunities to be found here.

This city is simply breathtaking whenever you choose to visit.

Choosing one of those destinations for millennials for you

Choosing is never easy. Each of these countries is special in its own way, but they are very different. Making a pro and cons list might help you decide sooner. But research is the first thing you need to do before making all those lists. Luckily nowadays you can do that sitting comfortably in your chair using just your smartphone. One thing that will make your relocation to a foreign country will be hiring reliable professional movers like to help you out.

Living in Europe in one of those top destinations for millennials

The food will be different from what you are used to. Especially if you are relocating to Norway. People might be friendlier than you are used to (especially if you are coming from big cities like NYC or LA). Healthcare will be free for citizens and people living there (usually). But it will be pretty easy to get used to this new way of life. Even if you are coming here just to study for a few years. Once again we must say it’s very important to research all of those destinations for millennials before choosing the perfect one for you.