Tips for Texans moving to some place cold

Are you moving from Texas to the northern part of the USA or to another country that is much colder than TX? People in Texas are used to the sun and hot weather, so what do to when you as a Texan change a climate? When Texans moving to some place cold, they need time to adjust after moving but also, to prepare for moving properly.

Texans moving to some place cold – what should they do?

If you have never lived somewhere colder, this relocation will be a big change for you. Not only you are leaving your friends, family, but also your lifestyle will be different. These are some things to consider before moving from Texas, especially if you will move in bad weather.

Wear proper clothing on a moving day

The weather in Texas will be probably nice on moving day, but keep in mind that you are moving where is cold. You are probably not used to jackets or boots, but you will after a while. If you don’t have any winter clothing, buy essentials, especially for your kids if moving with family.

Packing for moving out of TX

First of all, start early with packing and collect enough moving boxes and packing supplies you will need for Texas relocation. You won’t probably need a lot of summer clothing and water sports equipment, so don’t lose time and money by packing those items.

Packing an essential box is important even when moving to a state with the same climate. This box should include water, snacks, toiletries, extra blankets for the first night in your home, hat, jacket and other clothing you will need on a moving day and a few days after moving too.

Prepare your car too

If you are leaving warm Texas for good, your car needs to be prepared for temperatures below zero. What does it mean?

Change the oil and use a different oil for lower temperatures, also check an antifreeze system in your car. If it is snowing, you must have snow tires, your safety is the most important. Make sure you have winter survival gear such as de-icing salt, snow shovel, kitty litter, etc. Keep in mind that you will use more gas because of heating.

Texans moving to some place cold by a car.
Prepare your vehicle and be safe when moving

Heating your new home

Before you move into your new home, make sure your utilities are turned on – electricity and water. If you are moving from TX to NY during the winter months, turn on the heat immediately after arriving. Your bills may be higher, so calculate that too.

Drinking tea after moving from TX.
After moving, heat up a new home and make a warm tea

Spend time outside, even if it is colder

After moving, don’t be only inside. Wear proper clothing and explore your new city and meet your neighbors. Cold weather doesn’t need to stop you from being outside. When Texans moving to some place cold, most of them want to stay inside, but after a while, you will get used to rain, snow, and lower temperatures.