Tips for surviving a spring relocation from New York to Texas

It’s smart to wait for relocation from New York to Texas until spring. That is the best time to do it, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Relocations are almost never easy. Unless you find professional movers. Then they can be a breeze. If you have this relocation ahead of you we will share some tips that can be of use so keep reading.

What you should do before you start packing for your relocation from New York to Texas

  • research Texas so you can plan what to bring, chances are you won’t need any winter boots there
  • download some moving and packing apps to help you to simplify this relocation
  • declutter your old home, get rid of everything you don’t want to bring to your new home
  • think what kind of relocation works best for you – you have two options you can DIY this relocation or you can hire professional movers to do this for you
A man and a woman packing for relocation from New York to Texas
Packing is often the hardest part of every relocation.

Packing tips for your spring relocation (preparations)

If you downloaded moving and packing tips like we suggested you can find a lot of good and useful tips there. We will share some we found to be helpful. The thing that people often forget about is vacuum bags for clothes. This can be so helpful if you have a lot of clothes. You will use fewer moving boxes if you get a couple of vacuum bags. Also instead of moving boxes, you can rent plastic bins. If you have a need for additional storage. you can always call Divine Moving and Storage.

Packing tips for your spring relocation (the actual packing)

  • make sure to pack everything by room so you can unpack easily later
  • find a labeling system, labeling is very important
  • pack fragile items first and then you can do the rest
  • big items like piano for example need to be prepared before they can be transported
  • if you find all of this overwhelming, you can always leave it to specialists

Prepare for cultural shock

Both of the states (New York and Texas) are amazing but they are very different and you might feel homesick at the beginning. The people are also different but this can be a piece of good news for you. Texans are usually much more welcoming and friendly folks. That will make fitting in much easier. So will making new friends. That’s why we said that it is important to research Texas and especially your new city so you won’t be in such a shock when you get there.

A man preparing barbecue in the yard.
You will enjoy the food in your new state very much.

One thing you need to know before we go

You got this, you chose the perfect timing to relocate. As long as you have the time to prepare you will do just fine and if you need any help you should call professional movers.