Tips for finding a new space for your gym

Relocating a gym is not that easy. There are a lot of things to think about – clients, heavy machines, employers, and most importantly, the new location. In most of the businesses, the location is one of the biggest factors for success. It affects the work in many ways, so it needs to be picked carefully. So, how to do it? What’s the place that will be easy to reach, but also functional and not that expensive? Here are some useful tips on finding a new space for your gym and relocating the business to the new location.

Finding a new space for your gym is a process

Don’t expect to find a perfect location overnight. Relocating a business takes time and preparation. So, to find the perfect place, start your search on time and include multiple resources. Apart from doing an online search, make sure you visit different areas of the city, as well as other gyms, and look at the buildings more closely. Also, spread the word about the move – maybe some of your partners or friend can help you find a new space for your gym much faster. And finally – start planning the move on time. Hire the right professionals that can help you with all the machines. Start your search with Master Moving Guide, and browse only reliable professionals at reasonable prices. 

The interior of a gym.
Focus on finding a new space for your gym and preparing the move, so everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Know what you’re looking for when finding a new space for your gym

Before you do anything about moving your business, make sure you know the needs of your business. This includes the size of the space, basic electric and water requirements, and the distance from your home, for example. Think about your future plans for the business growth and check if you need a much larger space than you’re in at the moment.  After you write down all the details, you will be able to narrow your search and find the perfect spot.

Space should be gym-appropriate

Apart from the location, you need to think about the functionality when finding a new space for your gym. This means that the space should be open, with clear sightlines. This gives coaches the ability to give instruction to bigger groups and different people and at the same time. Also, open space is much easier to use, in terms of the layout of the machines. Also, you need to be able to bring in the machines, so check the width of the entrance, staircase, and hallways that lead to the gym space. So, when the time comes for the relocation of bulky weight machines, the process goes as smoothly as possible.

People exercising aerobics in a gym
When finding a new space for your gym, make sure you pick an open space that gives comfort to the coaches and clients.


Generally, gyms don’t need to be right there on the street, and the business can be boosted with a proper marketing technique. However, there should be some street visibility, so you can put up the signage that’s easily visible to the passers-by. So, when finding a new space for your gym, check out the other businesses in the building, and their own signage. This way you’ll see if you’ll have to adapt your signage to the others, if you can expand it, etc.


Another factor you should consider when finding a new space for your gym is another gym nearby. Even though you can’t find the city without any other gym in the area, you should avoid choosing the place right next to a popular fitness spot.