3 things to consider before importing a car from Saudi Arabia

Importing a car from Saudi Arabia may be a scary thought. It’s a very long distance and there are many risks. Thankfully, if you follow one of the golden rules for moving which is finding some help, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if this is your first time importing you will definitely need help, tips, or a guide. Exactly for that reason, we present you with three things to consider before ship your car from KSA!

The first thing to consider when importing a car from Saudi Arabia – getting familiar with customs

Dealing with customs clearance can be a real pain in the back. Therefore, you can turn to experts who can advise you or better yet, do the job for you. Regardless of whether you decide to let them do it for you or not, you should have a few things in mind. Firstly, ensure that you are completely informed of licensing, special provisions, and restricted and prohibited goods in the country you are shipping to.

Importing a car from Saudi Arabia requires some documentation.
Prepare the necessary documentation.

Secondly, there are two groups of documents you have to prepare:

  • Documents that your relocation company needs
    • The photo page of your Passport
    • A license document for your car (V5)
    • A valid MOT certificate
  • Documents that are required by the U.S. Customs Service
    • Passport and visa
    • A Bill of Leading
    • A license document for your car (V5)
    • DOT Conformance Bond
    • Copy contract with the RI
    • NHTSA form HS-7
    • EPA form 3520-1

You must have all of these documents before importing a car from Saudi Arabia. If you miss just one of them, your shipping will fail. Once you hire a shipping company, like the people over at fourwinds-ksa.com, they will inform you of what specific documents you need for your car. But, don’t just wait for them to tell you. Do it in advance since not all of these documents can be acquired immediately.

Thing number two – preparing your car

The preparation of your car is a two-step process. Firstly, thoroughly clean your car. The reason for this is that dirt may damage the car and you will get the opportunity to remove all of your personal belongings from it. Also, remove the navigation, radio, and other accessories you might have. After you’ve done cleaning, it’s time for step two.

For importing a car from Saudi Arabia it is important that you clean it.
A clean car prevents transportation damages.

Take a photo of your car. That way you’ll have the before-shipping condition documented which will give you the option of filing a complaint if any damages were to happen during the transport. Even if you consult professionals you should get insured. By having a photo of the state of your car before shipping, you will be able to prove that it was in fact damaged during transportation.

Last thing to consider when importing a car from Saudi Arabia – price

The price of this whole endeavor is very important. Be sure to calculate all the costs of import. Of course, the costs will depend on many different factors like car type, the age of the car, your location, and the type of transportation. If you want to avoid hidden moving fees, then you should pay attention to every detail concerning the importing process. Yes, this includes costs. For example, the average price for an import like this, that is done using containers, is about $1500. So, think about balancing price and quality when importing a car from Saudi Arabia.