The pros and cons of moving to TX

The state of Texas is the second most populated state in the US. It’s also a dynamic state with many diverse cities. Those cities are bursting at the seams with hundreds of thousands of new residents moving into them every year. But, why are so many people relocating here? Well, a look at the pros and cons of moving to TX may provide some clues.

The pros and cons of moving to TX – Pros

Here’re some pros of moving to TX: 

  • Great employment opportunities  One of the reasons why so many people relocate to TX is employment. This state has a strong economy whose continued growth creates lots of new job openings. So, if the job is what you’re looking for, start learning how to organize your Texas move with ease, and relocate here.
  • A low cost of living – So, you can afford to live the same standard of living for less than what it would cost you in most other states.
  • One of the best asset protection laws in the US – Here, many of your assets are off-limits to would-be creditors by state law. Even in bankruptcy. 
  • Weather – Is your idea of great weather more warm sunny days? Then, Texas may be for you. Because here the climate is very pleasant for living.
  • Lower overall tax burden  Texas state doesn’t collect an income tax. So, you’ll pay no personal income tax here and have one less return to file annually. Of course, all states must collect some taxes and fees. But, the overall tax burden in Texas is less than it’s in most states.
  • High resident satisfaction – More than a half Texans said their state was the best state to live in. 
Texas Flag
So many people choose Texas as their home.

The pros and cons of moving to TX – Cons

  • Low quality of health care – This can be more of a concern to older people or those with existing health issues.
  • The overall rate of crime is higher than in most other states – Crime rates are high in Texas’s major cities. However, people work in the city and live in a nearby town that has a far lower crime. So, find out what are the places to consider before moving to Texas
  • The overall well-being is lower than in other states.
  • Urban sprawl and traffic jams in main population areas – Texas has a lot of land. So, developers use it to build homes for all of those people that are moving to the state for jobs and a lower cost of living. All around huge employment centers are miles of roads with lots of traffic lights that lead to the cities. 
  • Hurricanes – Once you move to Texas, hurricanes will be something that could dramatically affect your life. For about six months every year.
Opposites Thumb - The pros and cons of moving to TX
You must evaluate the pros and cons of moving to TX before you make the final decision.

Tips to a person who is moving to Texas

If you consider relocating here, you must evaluate all the pros and cons of moving to TX. But, you also must prepare for the relocation process.

So, start organizing the relocation process and find out how and where you can get all the necessary documents to stay in Texas legally. Plus, you might need to change your driving license and perform other actions with your vehicle to drive safely in the state.