Texas vs Mississippi – which state is better for your small business

Texas vs Mississippi – choosing a better state is hard. Both states have something amazing about it and both are great. But you need to choose wisely when you are picking a place to open or relocate your small business. Your future might depend on it. There are few things you need to figure out are you going to live here and work here as well? Make sure to compare the prices also and research the line of work you are in – in both states. You will be needing some detailed research but we can get you started, point you in the right direction and show you who can be of help along the way.

Comparing prices

Since you will be renting (or buying a place for your business whether it’s a store or you need an office) you need to think about prices before choosing the right state. Of course, you should consider prices in general too. You will be spending a lot of time and you will need much more than just an office space. So let’s take a look at the prices and compare them – Texas vs Mississippi.

Overall in Texas costs of living are 93.9 (100 being the national average). That means Texas is a bit cheaper than the national average. Mississippi is a bit cheaper than Texas. Overall costs of living are 81.1 (still 100 is the national average). There is one thing you should keep in mind – commercial real estate is generally more expensive than single-family residential homes. There are websites where you can check out the current state of commercial real estate prices in all states but we will show you when you choose finally who can help you with buying/renting and how to get a better price.

 a lot of coins to bear in mind when comparing prices Texas vs Mississippi
Prices are always an important factor. You need to be aware of them in both states before you make a decision.

Making a pro and con list Texas vs Mississippi

The best way to decide between these two states is to make a list of pros and cons for both states. For example, Texas is a more urban state but Mississippi has better benefits for startups. It will be easier to decide and when you write all your pros and cons it will be clear which one you prefer. Some experts claim that Mississippi might be a better choice since it’s cheaper and has better benefits while Texas is a bit more busy state right now. But still, you should choose on your own. And as we stated before this will depend a lot on the line of work you are in. So start making your list right now.

pro and con list when thinking about Texas vs Mississippi
Have a seat and start making a pro and con list. That will help you the most.

Starting a small business (comparing the costs of starting a small business Texas vs Mississippi)

The LLC will be $91 in both states. This is the US price and it will not change. In Texas for-profit corporations you will pay a $300 filing fee. For non-profit ones, it will be less than $30. To get a business license in Mississippi you will only need $50. It’s important to know that prices and documentation and permits you will need will vary from the line of work you are in and it would be smart to hire a lawyer for this part.

Choosing the state and who can help you when you choose

We suggest you choose by making a pro and con list and of course detailed research. Finding people in your line of work in both states would be smart so you can share experiences. But after you are decided on one state, your journey will begin. You need to find a city, find a place for your business. Then there is all documentation that is needed in order to work legally. Our best advice is to leave the paperwork to the lawyer and finding the right office or store or whatever you need for a place to conduct your business to a real estate agent. You can find a place on your own but the fact is that realtors can find you better prices. It’s always smart to leave those specific things to professionals.

Moving to one of the two states

Moving can be a nasty business especially when you have some specific or big/heavy equipment to transport. That’s why for commercial relocations people usually hire professional movers like Spyder Moving to help them out. This is the only way to have a stress-free or should we say hassle-free relocation. If you don’t hire them you need to do all the heavy lifting on your own and nobody wants that.

Hiring professional movers

Movers can actually do much more than just heavy lifting. They can help you with packing – something that is very useful if you need to transport electronics or kitchen types of equipment since both are very delicate. So make sure to contact your movers before your upcoming relocation and ask what else they can assist you with. Use all the help you can get and save the strength for your business.

movers loading a moving truck
Movers will be there for you to help with all aspects of relocation.

Settling in

Settling in is important and needs to be quick. You cant start your business with moving boxes laying around, can you? Movers can help with unpacking or you can do it on your own but it’s important for this job to be done quickly so you can start your new business.

We hope that this text helped you a bit with your Texas vs Mississippi dilemma and now you have a general idea of who can help you on your journey of opening a small business in one of those two states. So, now that we pointed you in the right direction we only have one more thing to say – good luck to you!