Texas vs Louisiana: living cost compared

Both Texas and Louisiana are fantastic other countries that are overall quite affordable. However, not all prices are the same. This is why today we are going to compare some prices of living and explore some general differences between those two magnificent states. So, Texas vs Louisiana, what state is more affordable?

It’s not all about the prices. There is something in how much you earn.

Living costs are all fine and dandy, but it’s not all about them. If we want to truly compare those two states, we have to factor in average incomes.

In Texas, the average income stands somewhere around 30 thousand dollars annually, while in Louisiana the average income is much lower, only about 26 thousand dollars. For households, the situation isn’t much different. Lousiana stands around 49 to 50 thousand dollars, while Texas families earn on average 61 thousand.

Texas vs Louisiana when counting money.
Texas vs Louisiana – hard choice. But on average, Texans earn more.

This is understandable since Texas is much more developed, with a stronger economy and higher earnings and more and more people from New York are moving to Texas daily.

Child care

This is where Lousiana shines over Texas. It is far more affordable to raise children in Louisiana. Private schools are cheaper by 35%, middle schools by 19%, and so on. In general, you’ll spend 27% less on schooling and child care when in Louisiana.

This is exactly the reason why many families decide to move to Lousiana. Even though it’ll cost you more to live in Louisiana by 2%, while you have children, Lousiana is the place to go. So, make sure to find a storage facility near you! This is why, if you decide to move to Lousiana with your children, you need to have a place in which you can leave your items in a secure place.


School class.
When it comes to schooling, Louisiana is cheaper than Texas.


Our friends from zippyshelllouisiana.com told us that gasoline is around the same price in those two states, but this is where similarities end. Texas here takes the victory. Taxi cab rides are more expensive in Lousiana by 38%, monthly public transit by 4%, and so on. On average you will spend around 12% more on transportation in Lousiana.


On average, it is cheaper to find and maintain a home in Louisiana by 4 percent. For example, you’ll spend 8% more on a 1-Bedroom apartment outside the city center, and 4% more if you decide to live downtown. But both of those states are not even comparable to California.


Even though Texians earn noticeably more than Louisianians, prices of groceries are about the same, if not cheaper in Texas. For example, the loaf of bread in Texas will cost you $2.28, while people in Louisiana have to pay $2.6 for a loaf of bread.

The Texas vs Louisiana list just goes on. For a liter of milk in Texas, you’ll have to pay $0.74, while in Louisiana you can get the same milk for slightly less than a dollar. All in all, for groceries you will have to spend more in Louisiana than in Texas. On average, people in Louisiana have to pay a whopping 12,5% more than Texans.