Texas family’s guide to moving to Florida: where to look for a perfect home

Deciding on a place to settle is not an easy decision to make! There are many things to consider, from costs of living to what your new home would have to offer. This is why we strive to help you make the decision with our Texas family’s guide on where to look for a perfect home after moving to Florida!

Tampa might be the perfect home for you

Sitting at around 400 thousand people and located at the Gulf Coast, Tampa is a thriving and welcoming city to live in! Not only does the city have many opportunities for employment, but it also offers amazingly low costs of living. The median house cost, renting costs, as well as health and utility expenses are all lower than both the national and Florida average. In addition, Tampa is generally well ranked in terms of job growth and land development. They also have plenty of great moving companies, such as City Movers, ready to assist you at any point!

City of Tampa at night
Tampa is also a very beautiful city.

Your perfect home could be Lighthouse Point

If you are looking for a smaller place to settle down in after moving to Florida, then Lighthouse Point might be the right fit for you! With around 10 thousand residents, this suburb of Fort Lauderdale is not only perfect for those looking to get away from endless crowds of big cities. It will also take your breath away! The amazing beaches you would have easy access to, the stunning real estate, and the endless outdoor activities will keep you occupied and happy. The weather is amazing, as well! You will never have to worry about the cold bite of winter again. Unfortunately, the housing prices are higher than the average, but you can overcome that through proper planning! Besides, you will be able to turn to experts nearby for all your moving needs, and have your move sorted quickly, efficiently and cheaply!

Tamarac is an excellent choice of place to live in

Slightly larger than Lighthouse Point at about 60 thousand inhabitants, Tamarac is still a quiet and idyllic city. It is also quite close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, so you will have the advantages of large city amenities relatively close at hand. This isn’t to say that Tamarac falls short of what other places have to offer! On the contrary, the city is incredibly family-friendly, with amazingly rated schools, plenty of parks, and many small cafes, restaurants, and other small businesses. The city also has a low crime rate, very low housing prices, as well as some beautiful sights to appreciate. Overall, Tamarac is a developing city with plenty to offer in the future. As for your move, don’t worry! Tamarac has some great moving companies, and we all know that skilled teams are the best assistance we can ask for when moving to a new home.

Gainesville may be your perfect home after moving to Florida

Having double the number of residents compared to Tamarac, Gainesville is a slightly larger contender for a perfect home! This city has perhaps the most competitive price of living on our list, scoring below the national and Florida average prices across the entire board! In addition, its unemployment is at a stunning 4 percent. If this wasn’t enough to convince you that Gainesville is a young, thriving, and rapidly growing city, maybe the fact that only about ten percent of its population is over the age of 65 will! Granted, the city does not have access to beaches, but it does have some beautiful parks to offer in return! If you properly stage your old house and plan your move carefully, Gainesville is probably the cheapest place to move to on our list!

Jacksonville is a great place to live in

As the most populous city in Florida, Jacksonville boasts a population of over 900 thousand! This is a city for those who love their bustle. And yet, stunningly enough, the city also offers an abundance of nature! Beaches, parks, marshes, woods and wetlands abound! This might be the perfect mix for those who want access to the facilities offered by a large city yet adore exploring natural wonders as well. The cost of living is also very affordable, being only somewhat worse than what is offered by Gainesville, and even beating the former at the price of rent. If this sounds too good to be true, don’t worry! Jacksonville is very real! Just make sure not to forget to pack properly in your haste to organize a move!

City of Jacksonville skyline
Jacksonville offers some truly stunning sights!

Orlando could be the right choice for you

As a city that relies on tourism, it goes without saying that Orlando is stunning! It deserves its nickname as ‘The City Beautiful’. It is also surprisingly not too large, with only about 300 thousand residents. The city also has great public transport, courtesy of its touristic background. And your kids are sure to love its many amusement parks! The housing prices are, however, a bit dearer than elsewhere, but it’s nothing you can’t get around. Just make sure to get a proper moving estimate so additional costs don’t sneak up on you, and you will be just fine!

Amusement park castle Orlando
Orlando amusement parks are both beautiful and engaging for kids!

Honorable mentions

Here are a few more locations you might consider when moving to Florida but didn’t make it onto the main body of our list!

  • Miami: One of the most famous cities of Florida, Miami is a beautiful city with surprisingly excellent healthcare. Its recent encounter with the global pandemic, however, hit it hard and left its economy struggling to recover.
  • Valrico: A solid option, Valrico is a suburb east of Tampa. We passed it over in favour of the city, but it still scores highly in affordability, facilities on offer, and economic growth.
  • Weston: With great schools, low housing costs, and plenty of nature to offer, Weston is a good choice of place to live in. Unfortunately, it does suffer from a somewhat higher crime rate, which might discourage families which, ironically, panders to the most.
  • Sarasota: Absolutely gorgeous and with a thriving cultural scene, Sarasota draws primarily young people. It has some great rent prices, but its housing market is quite a bit more expensive.

Final Words

And so ends our Texas family’s guide to moving to Florida: where to look for a perfect home! We hope that we have been informative and helped you make the decision on where you want to move. Just remember to properly consider your wants and needs first. Picking the perfect home for your family is something only you can do!