Texas cities to check out if searching for a luxury home

Texas is one of the top destinations for checking out impressive real estate that will take your breath away. The common misconception is that in Texas people are either ranchers or cowboys who live on their little farms. However, it is possible to find a luxury home in Texas that would most definitely catch your eye if you were in the right neighborhood. They use five building materials and are terraced on several levels. You will be amazed whit their never-before-seen designs and surrounding landscape, which you and your family can enjoy after moving to your new TX home. And the interiors are fantastic!

Where to find a luxury home in Texas? Go to the capital first!

Austin is the capital of Texas and as such it has high-class neighborhoods around every corner. You wouldn’t be able to walk the streets of the city without saying I would like to live in that house, that one too. This vibrant metropolis is perfect for those who love constant activity and the fast pace of life. Did you know that Austin is the greenest city in the whole of Texas? Well, we think you’ll love it, especially nature lovers.

A living room with a library.
You can rest assured that interiors are the work of true artisans.

List of the poshest areas in Austin:

  • Rob Roy West
  • Barton Creek
  • Barton Hills
  • West Lake Highlands
  • Balcones Park
  • Hancock
  • West Lake Oaks
  • Davenport Ranch

In case you’re not a Texan, and you plan to travel south to see houses in person, it won’t be a problem. But when you choose to buy a house and have to move all your belongings, it’s not something you would like to do on your own. According to experienced local movers from State to State Move, it is better to hire a licensed and insured moving company for help. It’s the only way to ensure safe long-distance relocation.

Houston, one and only

Houston is a must when checking out for a luxury home in Texas. Being the largest city in the state, it offers a lot of options that keep rising every day. From traditional style with an amazingly arranged backyard to a modern house with a swimming pool, it is like dreams coming true. So, start preparing your packing supplies for your Texas move on time, as you will get swept off your feet with these luxurious areas in Houston:

  • River Oaks
  • Southhampton Place
  • Royden Oaks, and Oak Estates
  • Tanglewood, Avalon Place
  •  Rice Court

You’ll fully complete the look of your new home with the piece of your last home and some memories. Having that in mind, you’d want to consider hiring professional movers to assist you. They will transport items from anywhere in the US, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Hiring a professional company guarantee you saved time, energy, and a priceless experience of entering your new home.

Corpus Christi: find a perfect home

Corpus Christi is not a metropolis like the other two, but a tiny city with chill vibes, relaxing atmosphere and we must admit a peculiar name. This coastal city is full of attractions and entertaining activities so that you will always have something to do in your free time. Now, you probably think that it would be great to live by the sea, get to the beach in a second and have that view to enjoy. Fortunately, waterfront homes are not hard to find. We guarantee that a long-distance move will pay off after arriving at the:

  • Pedra Isles,
  • Oso Beach,
  • Ocean Dr, or
  • Halyard.
A luxury home in Texas with palms and a pool.
In Sugar Land’s luxury neighborhoods, you will have the feeling as if you were on a tropical island.

You’d like to own a luxury home in Texas? Check out Dallas Forth Worth!

Dallas Fort Worth is said to be exceptionally good for the youth as it has premium facilities that encourage their intellectual, creative and other improvements. Who wouldn’t like for their kids to grow up in such an environment? A family has many options to choose from, such as

  • Westlake, which is on the top of the list,
  • Westover Hills,
  • Greenway Parks,
  • Bedford,
  • Lakewood,
  • Timarron, and others.

All these are neighborhoods with outstanding houses both from the outside and inside. For avid lovers of rodeo, it is the right move to settle in the second Dallas.

Sugar Land

Sugar Land is just a few minutes drive from Houston and one of the besties to search for a luxury home in the state of Texas. If you’re from Houston, then this is a piece of cake. But if you’re wondering how to move out of state, the answer would be hiring movers. This one has diverse housing options but is famous for its mansions with huge pools and palm or pine trees surrounding the house. The name tells you everything. Modern home areas in Sugar Land you will love are:

  • Avalon
  • Lake Pointe
  • Sugar Lakes
  • Imperial Sugar Land
  • Venetian Estates
  • New construction Sugar Land neighborhoods

If you choose Sugar Lake, you won’t regret it. As you’ll see the local people are very friendly and warm. The population of the city is constantly rising and they are very welcoming to newcomers. Once you set Sugar Land as your destination, ask locals to help you settle in and you will know what we’re talking about.

A luxury home in Texas with a snooker pool.
Houses in the area offer a really unique design, some have flat tops instead of roofs and some have elevators.

El Paso: Sounds familiar?

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you are certainly familiar with this one. Do you remember Hank and Marie’s house? It is one hell of a house. It’s not much different in the real life in terms of housing. But such scenes in a series shouldn’t worry you. Those were solely for entertainment. These are the most luxurious residential areas in El Paso:

  • Coronado
  • Mountain Arroyo
  • Sunset Heights
  • High Ridge

The last two from the list are the most expensive areas. Thus, they offer the poshest residences but also luxurious vacation homes in TX should you need to escape the busy downtown life. Whatever choice of a luxury home in Texas you make, you won’t regret it.