Texan’s handbook of Chicago – how to quickly become a local

Whenever you come to live in a new place the first thing you’ll definitely wish to gain is to start acting like a local. Being a newcomer can be interesting, at the beginning. But, as soon as you get to know the place, you need to start feeling at home. Otherwise, it can be depressing. However, there is no need to worry when you have some experts to help you out. Read this Texan’s handbook of Chicago, and learn how to quickly become a local with ease.

Explore and meet to quickly become a local

Every Texan knows this – if you want to meet Texas, take a walk through Texas. But, if we think for a bit, this counts for every single place in the world. There is nothing that can explain the soul of a state or a city better than its streets. So, if you want to understand Chicago, just go out. Explore for a while. Feel the beat of its streets. Get to known the people who live there. And, the best part is that it’s something you can do long before you make Chicago your new home. Well, only if you pay some well-planned visits from time to time, of course.

The choice of a neighborhood – crucial if you really want to quickly become a local

Well, yes, this one is really true. The city of Chicago has no less than 77 different neighborhoods. Each of them is special and has its own charm. So, when you are a new resident in Chicago, the most important decision you need to make has to do with the very choice of the right neighborhood. Therefore, choose wisely. And if after some time you find out you’ve made a wrong choice, do not hesitate, swiftly relocate to a different neighborhood, and take your second chance. 

There are two people standing in the street, holding a map.
Find your new favorite places.

You are better off without a car

It may sound silly, but it will be high less stressful for you to handle your life in Chicago if you don’t have a car. Finding an on-street parking space is a nightmare there. And if by some chance you manage to find one, you’ll definitely need a serious strategy in order to preserve it. So, once you see your neighbor placing his backyard chair on a just-shoveled parking space during the snowy season, don’t be surprised, act like a real local and steal his tricks. Thus, before booking the movers from golansmoving.com, think twice about what you should do with your precious vehicle. 

Sport, sport, and…sport

Since every Texan handbook gives good pieces of advice, here’s the one for the most populous city of Illinois- everybody who wants to feel like a real Chicago resident needs to love sports. People in Chicago are passionate fans, and they tend to boast about that. So, if you want to feel at home there, pick your own team and start your rooting career.

There are two men, sport fans, wearing glasses, caps, and scarves of their favorite club, since loving sports is a crucial step towards learning how to quickly become a local in Chicago.
Find the cheering passion in yourself.

And now to sum up. Here’s what every wannabe Chicago local resident must do:

  • get to know the city
  • find your perfect neighborhood
  • don’t insist on driving your own car
  • learn to love sport