Why NYC business owners should consider expanding to Texas

If you noticed that many NYC businesses are expanding to Texas, we are here to show you a couple of reasons why they do it. In case you’re looking to do business, why not do it in the “Best State for Business?” Only one location has been singled out for this recognition year after year by Forbes and CNBC-Texas. They are two of the most prominent business publications in the country. A first-rate setting for doing business can be found here. In fact, the business climate might be better here than in NYC. Nearly 90% of Texas businesses rated the state’s business climate in 2016 as “good” or “outstanding,”. For good cause, too. Texas has a light tax load, a robust economy, and a highly trained labor force.  What more can we ask for? To keep you abreast of the most recent developments in commercial real estate, we’ll examine why businesses are relocating to Texas. Also, which firms are making the move, and which areas of the state they’re settling into? Continue reading “Why NYC business owners should consider expanding to Texas”

Fort Worth for newcomers: places you should not miss

If you are moving to Fort Worth soon, surely you already know everything there is to know about your upcoming relocation. But do you know everything there is about the city itself and the places you have to visit? If the answer is no, welcome to our little guide to Fort Worth for newcomers. We will be exploring some of the best places you should check out as soon as you are done unpacking and settling in. Of course, we will also show you who can help you with that. Sometimes unpacking can be quite difficult but more about that later. Now, let’s focus on the fun part.

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Cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas

Young professionals from Texas seem to really like Nevada. That is due to all the recent job openings. But there is more to Nevada than just some good jobs. This is a great state overall. The only downside is the really hot weather but Texans are already used to that so for them this is not an issue. There really is something for everyone in Silver State. Nevada’s vibrant nightlife, joyous events, stunning national parks, and plenty of outdoor activities are popular among retirees, working professionals, singles, and families. Those who choose to make Nevada their permanent home will never run out of attractions. Also, there is no income tax in the state, which is a major selling point. Don’t know where to settle down? Fortunately, we are here to assist you and help you choose among the cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas. Continue reading “Cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas”

Pro tips for long-distance house hunting in Texas

House hunting in Texas is pretty easy as it’s everywhere else in the USA. But, doing it from afar can be tricky. With that being said it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. All you need to do is find adequate help and use the advantages of modern technology. We will gladly guide you through the process. Continue reading “Pro tips for long-distance house hunting in Texas”

Why Texas seniors are retiring in Fort Lauderdale

If thinking about leaving TX and settling down someplace else, you will have various reasons to check out what Florida has to offer. The Sunshine State is a pretty famous destination for seniors, so you won’t make a mistake coming here and starting a new life. However, before you get into the moving process, you might want to discover the benefits of living in Fort Lauderdale. This part of FL has pretty much everything a senior needs to stay healthy, entertained, and happy. So, if you want to experience such a lifestyle, you should consider picking this area to be your new home. Well, to make sure this place will suit your needs, you might want to keep reading this article. Below, you will find out why Texas seniors are retiring in Fort Lauderdale! Continue reading “Why Texas seniors are retiring in Fort Lauderdale”

How to cope with homesickness as a Texas senior in Florida

Being a Texas senior in Florida can be a dream come true. Even though Florida is a perfect retirement spot it doesn’t mean you won’t miss Texas. There are so many things you will miss especially if you spent your whole life there. Feeling homesick is a very normal and common thing. Everybody feels this way after such a big change. We are here to help you out. Continue reading “How to cope with homesickness as a Texas senior in Florida”

Why are millennials moving out of Texas

In the past couple of decades, Texas was the go-to place for expats. Expats from all over the USA, and even from other continents, used to gladly move here. They did it because of top-notch health care and education systems, because of lower costs of living, and because of good job opportunities. And, even though Texas still has some of those features, many millennials are still moving out. Believe it or not, but, right now, Texas is the number one place people move out of. In just one year, 467,338 millennials have decided that Texas will no longer be their home. So, why are so many millennials moving out of Texas? Well, that is what we are here to tell you! Thus, if this is something that interests you, just keep on reading. Continue reading “Why are millennials moving out of Texas”