Spring cleaning checklist that will save you tons of time

There aren’t many things that are as satisfying as looking at your pristine house after an annual spring clean. However, this is also one of those things that are easier said than done. It’s a process for which you can be sure that it won’t become effortless as the years go by, but it can become more manageable. Usually, when you see a spring cleaning checklist you can’t just take it and adapt it for your home. And that is what’s problematic about them. That’s why we have concentrated on giving you clear and important advice on what you should do to make your cleaning as easy as possible.

Restock your supplies

If you recently performed a long-distance relocation like moving from Florida to Texas is, all the chances are that you lack some of the essential cleaning supplies. Even if you haven’t done this, restocking your supply is always a good idea when preparing for a job this big. Be sure to have enough mops, cleaners, and detergents before you even think about starting your spring clean.

Different cleaning supplies.
Having enough supplies is one of the most important things on our spring cleaning checklist.

Wipe walls and ceilings

Use a vacuum to remove dust, debris, and spider nets if there are any. We all know how difficult that surface grime can be to clean, especially in places like the kitchen is. Attack it with a solvent-free degreaser, but be very careful. The last thing you want to do is to damage the surface while trying to clean it.

Dust books, shelves, and all hard surfaces

The next thing on our spring cleaning checklist is one of the biggest ones. When it comes to books and the shelves it’s best to use a feather duster. Take everything off the shelves, and wipe them as well as the things that were on them. This is the ideal time to get rid of unnecessary items as you’ll notice for sure that you have lots of them.  If there are some tight spots during this part of cleaning, use a dust brush or crevice tool on your vacuum to reach them all the way.

Polish metal doors and window hardware

There are many liquid polishes and polish-impregnated clothes that work great for medium tarnished surfaces. On the other hand, if you have some heavier work to do, we’d suggest you using pasta and creams for the purpose. If you have recently moved to someplace cold, save yourself some time and go with pasta from the start.

Dust your home thoroughly

What we mean by this is to dust hard to reach places, such as tops of ceiling fans, in addition to normal dusting. Be sure to work your rooms from the top-down as only this way you’ll be able to vacuum all the dust that settles on the floor. Try not to use dusting sprays, as in fact, they only make things worse.

Vacuum on the floor.
If you do everything by the book, you’ll even be able to see how the house gets cleaner before your eyes.

Wax non-wooden floors

And the last thing on our spring cleaning checklist is waxing non-wooden floors. So, all your vinyl and linoleum floors that lost their shine can, and should be waxed at the end of the day. Get a polish that is intended for these surfaces and you’ll be surprised by how good your house looks.