Should you move from New York to Texas this year?

Living in a metropolis like New York really is a big deal. People love its charm and many of them dream of being residents of this already densely populated area. But then one day there may come the moment when you simply would have too much of all that hustle and bustle. You might want to get away from its buzzing streets and squares and to slow down the pace of your everyday life. Or, you will simply search for a more affordable living option. Well, whatever the reason is, every now and then many New Yorkers come up with the same question – should I move from New York to Texas this year? For such a huge decision, you need to do a lot of thinking first. Therefore, let’s have a quick tour through some of the main advantages you are going to meet after coming to Texas.

A bit different lifestyle

You are the lucky one if you got used to the fast living pace of New York. However, as time goes by, some people get really tired of all that, and they seek the appropriate getaway. On the other hand, life in Texas is a bit more relaxed. Its population density is around 110 people per square mile, which is much lower when compared to New York’s number of 421. What’s more, this is a state that is famous for its size and its wide-open spaces. Everyone would enjoy the diversity that it offers. Plains, hills, coastlines, forests, prairies, canyons- so many options to fit any kind of the desired lifestyle.

The high quality of life is guaranteed. Thus, it’s not surprising that many say Texas is a great choice if you are looking for a place to raise your children. So if this is your dream as well, hesitate no more. You should simply get some reliable movers, and find your place in the Texas sun.

Help your budget and move from New York to Texas this year

Affordable living costs are yet another reason why people decide to relocate to Texas. New York is known as one of the most expensive cities in the whole country. On the other hand cities in Texas, although not necessarily cheap, offer more budget-friendly costs of life. For example, the prices of real estate in Texas are more than half lower than those you will find in New York. The difference is so big, that it is basically possible to buy a spacious house in Texas for the same amount of money which you will give for a small flat in New York. Isn’t that great?

But that’s not all. We should also mention that in Texas you can say ‘goodbye’ to the state income tax. This actually means more money on your bank account every month. Now, do you still need more reasons for leaving the Big Apple permanently

There are some coins, put one on another to form columns,and a 50 euro bank note put above them in form of a roof.
Affordable living costs make Texas a desirable place to live in.

Getting a new job

If you can’t move to Texas because your job binds you to New York, the good news is that you should not worry about it at all.  The state of Texas has various well-developed industries such as agriculture, healthcare, high education, biomedicine, technology, energy, and many more. Besides, some of the greatest companies like Dell, American Airlines, and AT&T have their headquarters exactly in Texas. This only means a wide spectrum of employment opportunities for almost everyone.

The capital city of  Texas is said to have one of the largest economies in the whole country. And, it’s still growing, that’s for sure. So all you need to do is to try your luck and show yourself in the best light. Now, after you have dealt with the questions of housing and employment, you are one step closer to the point when U. Santini Moving and Storage will make Texas your new home.

What’s the weather like?

The moment you come from the Big Apple to Texas this year, you are going to love this state, that’s for sure. But, will you love its climate, too? Although the climate varies along with different parts of the state, generally spoken, the weather in Texas can be really hot, indeed. During summer days, temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees, while winters are mostly mild. So get ready to farewell with the snowy charms and say ‘hello’ to the sunny days. And if you are a warm-weather lover, this is a jackpot for you. However, if you are not used to the heat, it will definitely take you some time to really adjust to the Texan climate.

There are two cactus plants and some high grass on a dry land, scene that you will surely meet if you decide to move from New York to Texas this year.
If you want to move to Texas prepare for hot summers and pleasant winters.

Past time activities

Every relocation is hard. There is nothing like an easy way to cope with the big changes that moving to a new place brings to you. Feeling homesick is normal, and just as time goes by everything will fall into its place. And no matter whether you are moving to Texas from Florida, California, or New York, it will be perfect if you have something interesting to do while adjusting to the new environment.

When we talk about what Texas has to offer, the possibilities are plentiful. With so many different cities and towns that are full of interesting attractions, we are sure that everyone will find a way to enjoy his days in this state. Get to know important monuments. Go hiking in the Big Bend National Park, and float down the Rio Grande discovering beautiful landscapes. Or, simply spend your leisure time preparing some BBQ and listening to well-known Country music. Just like we said before, a little bit of everything for almost everyone.

There is a man sitting on the ground, playing the guitar.
When you say Texas you cannot but think of the popular genre of music called “country”.

Are you still wondering whether or not you should move from New York to Texas this year? Well, we are pretty sure you have caught the point. But just in case of some possible dilemmas, let’s make a quick recap of the things that life in Texas would bring to you:

  • a more relaxed living pace
  • a nice home and affordable cost of living
  • new job opportunities
  • warm weather
  • interesting everyday life