Should you buy your first vacation home in Texas?

The short answer is – yes, you should. The long answer is a little bit more complicated, but it is a most definite yes. So, if you were only looking for an answer to that question you can stop reading this article now, take your money and go buy a vacation home in the Lone Star State. But, if you want to know most of the reasons why you should buy your first vacation home in Texas, then continue reading. Let’s begin.

Should you buy your first vacation home in Texas? Yes? Why?

Texas has a lot to offer to both its residents and non-residents. As you may already know, Texas is the biggest state in the continental USA, which means that it is quite a diverse state in many aspects. So, let’s explore some arguments for buying your first vacation home in Texas!

Texas is… pretty pretty

Who dares to say that Texas is not a pretty state? Who can doubt the three beauties of the Lone Star State: nature, people, and wealth? If you are one of those people, then you’ve probably never been to Texas, and you hate everything.


First of all, Texas’s nature is amazing. Landscapes are vast and neverending. You can see the most amazing nature in Texas, which is simply breathtaking. This is the reason number one for buying your first vacation home in Texas. To put it simply, if you decide to put your vacation home in the middle of the wilderness, you won’t regret it. You’ll love it!

Buy your first vacation home in Texas and start playing football.
People of Texas have their ways and they love it!

People in Texas are amazing! Everybody knows some stereotype about people from Texas, and while most of them are not true, Texans are quite proud of their ways. It can almost be said that Texas is its own separate country (shh so people in The White House don’t hear that), which means that Texans have their ways and they love it! And you’ll love it too! This was reason number two.


They’ve put a man on the Moon. Well, it wasn’t only them, people from all of the US who made that possible, but no one remembers “New York, we have a problem”! This is why you need to move with your kids from New York to Texas. All jokes aside, Texas is a very wealthy country with many natural and human resources. So, if you have a business, or if you want to be surrounded by good-standing people than Texas is most definitely the place for your new vacation home.

A place where you can eat well

There are so many things people love about Texas. Food is just one of them. For example, did you know that Texas has its own kind of cookies? They are called kolache. They are a special kind of pastry brought to Texas by Czech immigrants. It is not only BBQ in Texas as you can see. So imagine this. You are sitting on your front porch in your new vacation home in Texas, firing up a BBQ and eating kolache after that. This is life, isn’t it? Just don’t forget your packing supplies!

Some pastry.
Even kolache can be the only reason to buy your first vacation home in Texas!

This was reason number four.