Pro packing tips for Idaho to Texas relocation

Any interstate move is a big change in life. It is usually a result of a firm decision to move and make a big change. You have to face the fact that your decision to move from Idaho to Texas is also a big step. It took a lot of thinking and planning to make it. Well besides making this decision you should also plan your move correctly. An interstate relocation like this must be executed perfectly and without any problems. So, you should make a plan and devise a good organization. Packing for Idaho to Texas relocation is also something you should give a thought to for a move like this. You don’t want to damage your belongings and you should protect them for the move. To help you out we are happy to present a couple of golden packing rules and pro tips for your move.

Before you start packing for Idaho to Texas relocation

Moving can be pretty expensive and an interstate one will depend on several factors. One is the number and weight of the items you are moving. With this, in mind, you should consider just what to move. Over time you have certainly accumulated some items that you don’t really use or need. Some of your belongings can easily be replaced. Some of your clothing you don’t wear anymore.

Person writing a checklist
Make sure you make a moving and packing checklist and do your best to follow it during Idaho to Texas relocation

So, it’s items like this that you should consider moving. Let’s face it if you haven’t used something in more than a year you probably don’t need it. So, make a clean-up, declutter and shed some weight. Get rid of items like this to save your moving money and to save you time and effort for packing. Give this thing away, donate them, sell or throw them out. These are a burden and you don’t have to waste time packing and moving them to Texas.

Packing for an interstate move

Your interstate move from Idaho to Texas will not be easy. This is one of the most complex moves you can imagine so, it is a good idea to hire professionals to do it. From packing, disassembly, loading, unpacking, etc, you should leave everything to specialists. However, if you want to do it DIY you should prepare well. When it comes to packing here are some tips to follow:

  • Make a packing list
  • Make a timeline
  • Delegate tasks
  • Get your supplies
  • Think about furniture

Step one – Make your packing list

Once you have decluttered you will have a pretty good idea about what you are moving with you and packing. So, make a list to keep track of everything. The list is a must for an organized move and one of the key pro packing tips. To keep everything tidy, well organized, and fast try to make a detailed list of your items. Group and pack items by room, like kitchen items, bedroom inventory, etc. A list like this will give you a clear view of the task at hand and help you be efficient.

Step two – make a packing timeline for Idaho to Texas relocation

Moving is a time-sensitive activity and you have to keep your moving delays to a minimum. So, you must have everything done in time. Usually, you don’t have enough time to pack. However, you really should be prepared for loading before the movers arrive. So, make your packing timeline to stay on top of things. Professional packers do it so you should too. Calculate how much time it will take you to pack. Decide when to start packing and where you should start. Maybe packing small items first will clear a path so you can pack bulkier items faster and so on.

Sorted boxes with labels
Make sure you sort out your belongings and declutter before packing

Step three – Delegate

If you are moving DIY you will have to recruit some help for packing. First, you should turn to the family. Children should take care of their own belongings and pack them. Everyone should pull their own weight and take responsibility for packing. You can also delegate some of the packing responsibilities to your friends and family. Do not hesitate to call for help as you probably won’t be able to do it all yourself.

Step four – Think about packing supplies

Based on your packing needs, the quantity and type of things you have to pack you should also try to get the proper supplies on time. This should be part of your packing plan. You really should take care of these supplies before you start packing. These materials can be quite expensive so you can be creative. Of course, you can buy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, or styrofoam filling to pack your belongings, but you can also be creative. You can try to find and repurpose old boxes. Crumpled newspapers can be box filling and provide protection. You can also use your travel cases and bags to transport some of your belongings. Be creative and you can utilize just about anything to pack.

Step five – Furniture

Moving furniture can be an expensive and risky undertaking. It is heavy, takes up a lot of space, is hard to handle, and can be damaged easily. So, if it is not a peace that has some sentimental value you might be better of not moving it and replacing it once you get to Texas. If this is not the case one of the best Pro packing tips is to disassemble it on time. According to Peasley Transfer & Storage, expert movers can provide packing, disassembly, and storage of your furniture during Idaho to Texas relocation.

Two people packing for Idaho to Texas relocation
Make sure you get help packing from your friends and family

Bulky furniture should be dissembled in more manageable pieces for transport. But if you do it yourself make sure you pack each piece individually and wrap and protect them well. This is to avoid any damage to the pieces. Also, label each piece so you don’t get track of any parts. Use the opportunity to measure each part so you will have an idea of how to move them in and where the pieces can be fitted in your new place.

Prepare well and timely for Idaho to Texas relocation

So, your interstate move must be planned in detail for it to go smoothly and be easy. Packing is a big part of the whole process. Make sure you handle Idaho to Texas relocation like a pro with some of these packing tips that can help you out through the process.