Places in New Jersey perfect for young families from Texas

There are so many amazing places in New Jersey perfect for young families. But this time we wanted to list the ones that Texas families especially love since many Texans are relocating here. It has become a real trend in the last couple of years. There are many reasons for that and surely you know them all since you are thinking about this relocation as well. We will focus on places in New Jersey that will be great for you and we will show you who can help you with this upcoming relocation of yours. Moving with kids can be really tough and we want to make sure that you get the best possible experience. There is only one way to do it but we will leave that for later. Now let’s see the locations.

New Providence

New Providence is located just about 28 miles west of New York, which is great since you have more job opportunities there. This is a little and yet such a charming town.  Despite its small size, this place has a lot of personality and charm. There are over 13,000 residents here and most of them are young families in fact. New Providence has been frequently rated as one of New Jersey’s top neighborhoods. Besides its charming atmosphere, New Providence also has an exceptionally low rate of property crimes. You want your family to be safe, obviously. Well,  New Providence is consistently one of the safest places in the country when compared to the national average. Besides being a safe place in NJ, they have high-ranking public schools as well. As you can see this is one of the nicer places in New Jersey for families and you should start your research here. We will talk later about ways to simplify relocation but let’s check out more places first.

A family having picnic in one of the best places in New Jersey perfect for young families.
You need to find a safe place for your family and this is it.

Glen Rock – the most popular among places in New Jersey perfect for young families

It may be fun to live in a big city like NYC since there’s always plenty to do, but being so isolated might be lonely. Glen Rock is the place to go if you’re looking for a sense of belonging. They have such an amazing community. Something that big cities cant have.  There are just over 12,000 residents in this little municipality, which lends it a very small-town feel. We all know that this is the best way to raise a family – to go to the suburbs.   The residents are polite and helpful, and the community as a whole cares about each other. In addition, since nearly half of all households in the country include children, your children will have no trouble making friends.

Glen Rock has only four public elementary schools but they are all great. They also have one middle school which is highly rated as well, and lastly, they have one high school. In addition to that Glen Rock has a few private schools, making it a great place to raise a family. Glen Rock, like the other communities in the area, has a low crime rate that is far lower than the national average.  There are many community events that bring the entire town together, which helps to keep crime at a minimum.  The only downside to this place is the prices of real estate but that is something that you need to research on your own.

North Arlington – the most popular amongst Texans

This peaceful place called North Arlington is the most popular choice amongst families coming from Texas. This community has excellent schools and a close-knit community which Texans are used to. It has a low crime rate and Time Magazine declared it to be one of the best places to live in the whole of the USA which is a huge deal! The food scene is great as well, another thing that Texans appreciate. You can find just as many family-friendly activities as you can in Arlington, Texas. This place has such an amazing history and surely you will find out about their copper mines as soon as you get there. But how can you get there?

Our best advice?

Our best advice is to hire professional movers. You need to focus on your kids and explain to them why they are moving, where to and how will your lives change. You can leave packing, unpacking, and settling in your new home to experts. Settling in is the hardest part but luckily pros from the area can jump in and do the hard work.

A young family at a new home.
Can you see yourselves here?

Madison – for those who want to be near Manhattan

Madison is only 25 miles west of Manhattan’s central business district. This is a great solution for those who want to work in Manhattan but have a normal and peaceful life when they come home because we all know that Manhattan is not ideal for raising a family.  Madison’s crime rate is also low.  Madison has three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. They are all highly rated. In addition to its good education and low crime rates, Madison offers a low tax rate. That is why seniors from NYC are also coming here. Texas seniors prefer Fort Lauderdale as we saw when we did our survey.

Hiring professional movers when moving to one of the best places in New Jersey perfect for young families

Now that we showed you some of the best places in New Jersey and who can help you we can talk a bit more about hiring professional movers. Hiring skilled people like can be the best solution for every relocation. Let them deal with logistics, heavy lifting, or anything else you might need. You need to focus on choosing your new home.

A family packing for a move to one of the best places in New Jersey perfect for young families.
Leave this part to the pros.

Good luck!

Living in New Jersey can be amazing and many young families from Texas are very happy there. Hopefully, yours will be too. Now that we showed you all of this you can continue your research and pick the best place for you. When it comes to finding a property we believe that can be the best tool. Good luck!