Packing supplies you’ll need for your Texas move

It’s easy to think of moving as just the process of transporting items to your new Texan home. However, if you’ve moved before, you know it’s nowhere near as simple as that. There are numerous small details to pay attention to before the truck is loaded. The most important thing to do prior to moving is, of course, to pack your belongings. It goes without saying that you value your items and don’t want them to suffer any damage during transportation. For this reason, it’s crucial you invest in some quality packing supplies that will prevent your stuff from breaking. If you aren’t sure what you’ll need, read the rest of the article and get ready to start packing!

Different sizes of cardboard boxes

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of packing supplies is, surely, a good old cardboard box. Not only are they much cheaper than plastic containers, but you can even get them for free. All you need to do is stop by one of the local supermarkets and they’ll gladly give you as many boxes as you need. Try to get different sizes in order to fit the bulkier items as well. Also, make sure they are high-quality, sturdy boxes. But even with these strong boxes be careful not to overpack. If the boxes are too densely packed, you risk breaking your stuff or even making the box too heavy to lift. Another important point is to try and stick to rectangular boxes, as they are the easiest to pack stuff in.

It’s also important to take note that not every item can fit inside a box. Maybe you’re moving instruments or other valuable yet fragile objects, in which case you better find the best specialty items movers in Texas. They have the necessary equipment and special packing techniques for the most precious belongings.

a man carrying boxes
Obtaining boxes for free is easy – just ask in the first local supermarket

Stock up on wrapping paper

Yes, cardboard boxes are handy and easy to use. However, how do you pack glassware, photo frames, and other breakables? Surely you’ll need some soft fabric to wrap them in to prevent them from breaking, right? This is where plastic wrap comers to save the day. They usually come in rolls and range from small to large bubbles. The smaller ones are usually used for the delicate and fragile items, while the larger bubbles can serve for packing vases or electronic equipment. When wrapping the items prior to placing them in boxes, remember that the bubble side should face inwards. Other than just wrapping items, you can use it as a filler to pad the half-full boxes. All in all, the wrapping paper will be of immense help during transportation and the many road bumps. With this in mind, hiring a reliable moving company like State to State Move will mean that you’re putting your items in the safe hands. In other words, it’s double protection!

various packing supplies, scissors, tape and plastic wrap
The plastic wrap will protect your belongings during the transportation

Don’t forget the labels

In order to organize your Texas move with ease, you’ll need to make an inventory list prior to packing. This will simplify the whole process to a huge extent, as you’ll be able to keep score of what’s forgotten, lost, etc. But, what if the inventory doesn’t have to stop here? What if you can make the unpacking simpler too by labeling the boxes? You wouldn’t believe how essential the labels are to maintaining post-move sanity. After all, the chaos you’ll have in your new home after the move can easily overwhelm you, so why not make it easier for yourself? You can either print free labels from the internet, make them yourself or buy them from your mover. Just make sure that you stick a coloring scheme, like a one-color-one-room method. If you’re going the DIY route and making the labels yourself, then add a king’s size sharpie to your list of moving supplies. This will make the labels more visible. Labels can also be used to help your movers know which of the boxes they should be extra careful with. So writing ‘Fragile’ on the boxes stacked with glassware and other breakables will make everything simpler.

Save up on packing supplies by using the material you already own

There’s a wide range of packing supplies to choose from, but there are ways to minimize your spending. After all, if you don’t overspend when buying packing materials, you’ll automatically save money for the post-move apartment organization. So, here’s a list of materials you already own can be of great help and do the same job as original packing supplies:

  • Old blankets or styrofoam – Why spend money on wrapping paper when you can use other types of soft material you already own?
  • Packaging tape – While duct tape may not do the job, you probably have some heavy-duty packaging tape laying around the house.
  • Notebook and markers – DIY labels are fun to make, try it out!
  • Buckets and baskets – If you’re moving any type of container to your Texas home, why not fill it up and save up some space in the truck?

These are especially useful if you’re moving in a hurry and figuring how to make last-minute packing less stressful.

a bucket as one of packing supplies
Buckets or any other kind of container can be used for packing supplies

What to do with packing supplies after the move?

It’s one thing to gather all the packing supplies and organize the packing process, but what do you do after you’ve unpacked? You have many options, and they all depend on whether you’ll be moving again in the foreseeable future. If the next move is right around the corner, then flatten them out and keep them safe in a storage unit. On the other hand, if you’ve found the perfect apartment and are done with moving, you can use them for floor protection during DIY home projects. The same stands for packing paper, as it can serve for covering furniture and walls during renovations or repair works. Giving away the material to friends, through Craigslist or to Freecycle is also a great way to pass it on. It’s all up to you!