Moving with your elderly parent from Nevada to Texas

Moving is never an easy task, but moving with elders can prove to be especially challenging. These relocations usually require special preparations depending on the senior’s health condition. Still, as with anything, educating yourself on the topic is the key to a successful outcome. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about moving with your elderly parent to Texas.

Plan each detail ahead of time when moving with your elderly parent

We’ll go on and assume you’ve already weighed the pros and cons of moving to TX with your parent, so now all that’s left is organizing the relocation. Of course, it’s worth remembering how complex this process is, so making a plan is the easiest way to go. Basically, you make a list of all the tasks that you should do prior to the relocation. You can include a packing method you plan on using and make an inventory list so you don’t forget anything. Moving with your elderly parents also means that you need to arrange for a medical check-up before the trip. By writing everything down, you’ll break down the process to simpler tasks and it will be easier to follow.

a notebook and a pencil for making plans when movign with your elderly parent
A detailed plan will save you time and make the process more organized

Hire a reliable moving company

When moving with your elderly parent, it’s always best to hire a professional moving company to help with the transfer of belongings. This way, you can lift one burden off your shoulders and concentrate on relocating your parent safely. Finding a trustworthy company like has never been easier, as you can arrange the move from the comfort of your home. Opt for one that offers senior moving services, so you know they can cater to your needs. Additionally, they can help you with the floor plans and arrange storage of some items as well. Overall, a reliable company will make your move much smoother and less stressful.

Enlist help during the process

No matter how much time you have on your hands, there’s no denying it – this is a major undertaking. That being said, it’s perfectly reasonable you’ll want some help during the process. Calling other family members or friends to help with sorting and packing can save you some time. Then all that’s left is to get packing supplies for your Texas move, and you’ll be all set. In case they won’t be able to help you, or if the move requires professional help, you can always hire packers. There are even relocation specialists and senior move managers who can assist you in every aspect of the relocation.

a help button on a keyboard
If you can’t handle moving with your elderly parent on your own, then seek help from friends and family

Look into Texas senior housing options

The main decision is where you will be moving with your elderly parent. Depending on your parent’s health, options range from living at home to full-time care in nursing homes. In case you’re still looking for the right accommodation, we’ve listed a couple of options to help and you can investigate further. Here are the most common senior housing types in Texas to choose from:

  • Independent living

  • The Village concept

  • Residential care home

  • Assisted living community

  • Nursing home