Moving with kids from New York to Texas

When it comes to moving, we all fear the same things – will we have enough money, energy, time and nerves to complete it. Yes, moving is scary. But, when you add moving with kids to the list, things get a lot more terrifying, as well as stressful and complex. You will have to find a new home, find buyers for the current one, hire movers to help you relocate, deal with all those moving forms and documents, and also help your kids adjust to the idea of moving. Yes, it is going to be hard, but it is far from impossible. And we are also here to help you out. Thus, if you are interested in some tips and tricks for moving with kids from New York to Texas,  keep on reading.

Have a Family Meeting

First things first, before you start with moving preparations, it is of key importance to have a family meeting. So, prepare your family’s favorite meal, and call everybody to join. Start by explaining the reasons for this move and how your family will benefit from it. Encourage your children to talk and express their feelings. Then, if your children are old enough, consider splitting the chores. That way, moving with kids from New York to Texas will be both easier and cheaper. Moreover, during this family meeting, you should decide whether you will hire moving services that meet your needs or have a DIY kind of move. 

A family dinner -which is an opportunity to start discussing moving with kids
When moving with kids, having a family meeting is of key importance!

Hire a Moving Company

As previously mentioned, during a family meeting, you should decide whether to hire movers when moving with kids or to do everything by yourself. If your children are older and are willing to help you out, you can do all the moving preparations by yourself. However, if your children are younger (toddlers and babies), it would be a much better idea to hire professionals. Professional movers can bring all the sturdy and reliable boxes, and of course, all other moving supplies, they will pack everything properly, and transport it safely to your new address. And, while they are dealing with all of this, you can help your children prepare emotionally! 

A teddy bear in a box.
Your children will probably have a hard time moving. Focus on helping them, and let movers do the rest.

Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process

When moving with your kids, yes, you can let movers handle most of the packing and heavy lifting as well as many other things from your moving checklist. But, some things you should do together with your children. One of those things is definitely sorting and decluttering all the clothing items, toys, and school supplies. Together, decide what will you keep, and what will you leave behind (donate, sell, or throw away). Moreover, if you want to motivate your kids, even more, you can let them pack their own stuff, as well as help you look for a new home. Try to keep your kids busy. Give them interesting tasks to do, and who knows, maybe they will get excited about this move.