Moving to rural Texas: places to check out

Moving to rural Texas is becoming a real trend. Ever since the pandemic first hit and jobs became online mostly, people started moving to rural areas. Rural areas have many benefits, like costs – both of real estate and overall costs of living. They are safer and the air is not as polluted. People are usually friendlier and rural areas are not crowded. You will not have all the entertainment you had in a big city but still rural Texas can offer you a lot and there is plenty to see and explore there. That’s why we made you this list of places you should check out first. But, make sure to ask locals about more places. They will be able to find you some hidden jewels no one else knows about.

Marfa Texas

Marfa is a small desert city in Texas that many people like to visit. This place attracts mostly artists. If you start going northwest from Marfa, you will see iconic sculptural art installations by artists Dragset and Elmgreen (the one in the picture below). It’s a replica of the Prada store containing real Prada items but it’s only for display. Marfa is also a very charming city that’s worth exploring and the food there is amazing, even though the whole of Texas is known for its great southern food. If you are planning to relocate here make sure to find some good tips.

Prada Marfa
Beyonce was the one that “blessed” this art installation first.


Westlake is a suburb of Fort Worth. This is one of the 14 Certified Scenic Cities in this state and it’s a must-see place in Texas. Just seeing all those amazing natural landscapes and flowers can make you wish you stay here. In fact, many people decide to relocate here, because it is also a very nice place to live. Westlake is also a very affluent neighborhood and you will surely fit in just fine here. After all, Texans are known to be friendly folks. If you need help with moving, luckily, there are experts at your disposal to help you out and settle you in.


Wimberley is a perfect place for shopaholics. This is a charming village in Hays County and it’s known for natural swimming holes as well as good wine and great small shops. That’s why we recommend visiting this village. You can spend a very nice and relaxing weekend here. Of course, you can also relocate here and lead that lifestyle all the time. If you call, they will be there for you to help you relocate easily.

The friendliest town in the whole of Texas

You won’t be very surprised now, but the friendliest place (a small town in fact) in the whole of Texas is San Antonio. This city is something we recommend you visit at least once. San Antonio is not a rural place its a major city but San Antonio has some of the nicest suburbs near and they are worth exploring if you want to live in a nicer and more rural area but yet still be near the big city with all the perks that have. The second on the list of friendliest towns in Texas is Seguin and there are plenty of reasons to move there, so make sure to research it as well.

San Antonio
Live Oak, Leon Valley, and Timberwood Park are three very popular suburbs of San Antonio

Events in rural Texas you shouldn’t miss

  1. Annual Schulenburg Sausagefest is the only festival in Texas that features sausage-making contests and it’s in April
  2. Great Balloon Race is in June and the location is – Longview
  3. Luling Watermelon Thump is an attraction since 1954 and its in the last weekend in June
  4. Parker County Peach Festival in Weatherford will be on the second Saturday of July
  5. The Great Texas Mosquito Festival in Clute, yes some people will celebrate anything even the annoying mosquitoes but it can be fun to participate and it’s on the last weekend of July in Clute

Moving to rural Texas

We showed you some great small towns you should research because they can be great places to live and we showed you some of the coolest attractions you should visit if they are nearby your new home. Now we should talk a bit about moving to rural Texas. The easiest way is like we mentioned earlier – hiring professional movers. They can handle everything for you starting from packing and finishing with settling you in. To see everything movers can offer to provide you with a hassle-free relocation you should visit their website and see additional services. That is also a good way to get to know the moving company. Reading the reviews is another way and we highly recommend that one. Hiring movers is not necessarily expensive, you just need to understand moving costs and ask for an estimate so you can plan your budget.

Proferssional movers carrying a sofa while assisting with moving to rural Texas.
Hiring professionals to help you is the best way to relocate.

Things you should know before moving to rural Texas

Rural Texas is a real Texas. Their food is the best, their residents are the friendliest. It might get too hot, it’s still a desert but there are plenty of perks that can make up for the insanely hot weather. In rural Texas you can enjoy festivals and events you’ll never be able to find in any of the big cities. You will also be able to eat at some amazing and cozy family restaurants or shop at some cool and unique stores. This area has an amazing history that you can explore. Most of Texas is rural in fact. If you thought that life in the desert will be boring – you couldn’t be more wrong. There is always something to do around here. But first, you need to relocate and settle in. After that, all you need to do is befriend locals and ask them to show you all the hidden jewels and soon enough you will be a true Texan.