Moving from Monterey to Arlington – How to Organize a Move in Less Than Two Weeks

Although moving is often seen as a bit of a stressful time, with a bit of organization and some planning, it can simplify itself fast. Sometimes we have plenty of time to plan a relocation and prepare for it ahead of time. Meanwhile, during other times we might have to organize a move in less than a few weeks. In order to make your moving from Monterey to Arlington in less than a month smooth, we’ll provide you with a few easy and efficient tips to rely on throughout this process.

Relocation Last Minute

It is always recommended to plan a move well ahead and have a long timeline in general. Having months before moving from Monterey to Arlington would probably make the move much easier, however, a last-minute relocation is still doable and can be very successful. One of the first things to focus on is creating a good moving plan.

A road to take when moving from Monterey to Arlington
The key to a last-minute relocation is an efficient organization.

In order to be able to start over in Texas, it will be much easier if you have a well-structured plan. Knowing that you have less than two weeks to organize your move from California might stress you out a bit. However, if you focus on your move as a step by step process, you can create more of a hassle-free vibe. 

Moving From Monterey to Arlington

California to Texas is quite a distance. In addition, knowing you are tight with time, it’s important to use every day wisely and efficiently. Our suggestion is to break down your relocation from Monterey to Arlington into a few stages within your plan. For example, during the first planning stages, jot down everything that needs to be completed. Start with the most important tasks to ensure you get that out of the way.

Within your moving plan, prioritize the most essential aspects and elements to focus on first. Planning and organizing a move in less than two weeks will most likely be hectic and overwhelming, however a substantial but to the point list will help you maintain organization. Use each day to focus on something so that as the moving day comes closer, you are better prepared for it.

Organization is Key

When you have very little time to do something big, the key is to maintain organization throughout the entire process.  Your moving plan is your first step and relying on it will help you hold a good level of efficiency and effort. One of the biggest benefits of a last-minute move from Monterey to Arlington is that it will give you the incentive to think quickly and be on your toes. As a result, you’ll be able to tackle multiple tasks with ease all the while stressing less.


Besides following a plan to stay organized, another big and important element of moving is packing. Overall, the better-organized packing, the easier unpacking once you settle in Arlington. A good tip about packing is to have an inventory list. Write down everything you plan to bring with you.

Next, ensure to go room by room when packing to simplify this repetitive task. This will also help make unpacking at the new place that much easier and more organized. Moreover, when you go room by room, you can categorize items together or items that belong together in the same box. Don’t forget to label your boxes so that you know exactly where what is.

Various tapes and a pair of scissors.
Ensure to gather all supplies and packing materials before you start packing.


Once you start to get packing out of the way, you can figure out which items you do not plan to bring with this move. For example, decluttering as you pack will help you get rid of unnecessary and excess items you might’ve held on.  Once you declutter and organize those items, you could organize a garage sale or even donate them. Moreover, getting rid of these excess items will make your relocation much simpler.

Moving Company

When it comes to planning a last-minute move in a short amount of time with a big distance to travel, it would be a good idea to consider hiring a moving company. Since you know you have less than two weeks to organize everything, we suggest getting in touch with a team of professionals as soon as possible. Contact Mod Movers at least a week in advance to see what your options are and to get rough estimates on expenses. At least by hiring a professional crew, you can rely on the fact that your items will be delivered efficiently and securely. Also, that’s one less thing to worry about, hence emphasizing stress and hassle-free move from Monterey to Arlington


Let’s review what your plan and preparation in less than two weeks should consist of:

  • Create a moving plan
  • However much time you have to prepare, construct your plan around that timeline for guidance 
  • Gather all packing materials and supplies
  • Pack efficiently to simplify unpacking later
  • Label your boxes! 
  • Declutter and conduct a garage sale if you have time
  • Involve a moving company to have an easier relocation 
A checklist.
Following a checklist or a guide is the best way to stay organized and within a given timeline.

Successful Move

The key to a successful move is simply having strategies and tactics all the while staying organized. Whether you have eight months to plan a move or less than two weeks, having a system is important. This is why we emphasize having an easy to follow a plan. Maximum productivity in a short span of time is only efficient if you are organized. Even organizing from today to tomorrow will make a big difference.

Therefore, guarantee yourself a successful Monterey to Arlington move in just a few easy steps! Once you create your plan and remember our tips, the rest will simply follow. Simply stay focused and enjoy your move across the country.