Moving from Florida to Texas – How to organize a move in one week?

Relocation is a time-consuming process and it would be great to have at least a month a half to organize the process, pack everything, and clean. But, when moving from Florida to Texas, this can take even more time, since it’s an interstate move. However, time is sometimes not a luxury we can always afford. So, there needs to be a way we can organize this relocation in one week.

No time to question your decisions when moving from Florida to Texas in a week

At this moment, you need to have already made some important decisions. You’ve might have not been easy for you to decide your new city, but you don’t have the time to choose between Dallas and Forth Worth anymore. Now’s the time to stick to your choices and to do your best to make them work.

What if there’s not enough time for moving from Florida to Texas?

Come up with a good plan

Whatever the reason for moving from Florida to Texas on short notice, there’s no time to reflect on it. You need to come up with a plan and see what needs to be done. One of the first things you want to do is decide whether you want to hire movers. Since you don’t have enough time, you should definitely consider hiring movers. Choose a reliable company, like Pro Movers Miami and you’ll have time to take care of other things that need to be done. However, if you don’t want to hire movers, figure out how you’re going to transport your items. If you plan to rent a truck, you should take care of it immediately.

It’s important to get enough supplies when moving from Florida to Texas

It’s better if you have more supplies than you need than to find out you don’t have enough. Remember, there’s not going to be enough time to go back and forth and to pick up the rest, so don’t waste your time. Find a good packing calculator online and see how many boxes you need to pack all of your belongings. And of course, buy more than that. Also, you’re going to need wardrobe boxes since in that case, you’ll be able to pack your clothes along with the hangers. Here’s what you need to get:

  • More boxes than think you need
  • Wardrobe boxes and other large boxes are necessary when moving from Florida to Texas on short notice
  • Duct tape, sharpie, furniture protectors, corner protectors
  • Packing material
Get enough boxes

Get some help

It’s hard to organize everything and move to another state in a week. So your family and friends to help you with the process. Any kind of help is useful. You need someone to help you with packing, cleaning, loading, and unloading, etc. After all, the whole process is going to be more fun with loved ones by your side. But, to be honest, in order to move across our wonderful country, professional help is going to be really useful. You can ask your friends to help you either way, but let your movers do the most important part of the job.

Time to declutter

Yes, you don’t have a lot of time, so you can’t really sort through all of your items. But, remember, packing these items and moving them to your new home cost time and money, too. You’ll have more space, you won’t waste your time on packing and you’ll maybe manage to rent a smaller moving truck. That’s why you should get rid of stuff you don’t need. Take a look at your items and separate them into these piles:

  • throw away – it’s going to be easier moving from Florida to Texas with fewer belongings
  • donate – if someone can come and pick up these items, even better
  • recycle

Just don’t get carried away with decluttering. We all know how time can go once you open the drawer and see belongings that you haven’t seen in ages.

No time to be perfect

Moving in a week, there’s really not enough time to second guess your decisions, to think about the pros and cons of moving to Texas. There’s also not enough time for a perfect organization. Yes, you need to protect your items, but it’s not really important if some items are in the same box or not. So, disorganized boxes are not something you should worry about that much. The goal is to move your items from your old home to your new home with the time you have at your disposal.

You need to take care of the details

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can’t forget some important details. You don’t want to move it and live without running water. So take care of utilities, water, electricity, gas, and of course, the internet. You need to schedule shutting off the utilities and transferring the services to the new location. Hopefully, you’ll manage to do without having to pay for an extra month if the timing is not right.

Consider hiring professional cleaners

It would be good to leave your old home clean for the next tenant. Even if you don’t have to do it, it’s polite to clean after yourself. But, you don’t have a lot of time to do it and that’s reasonable. You can avoid a thorough cleaning, but you should do some cleaning definitely. You can hire professional cleaners who can do this while you pack your belongings so that you don’t waste any of your precious time. However, if the apartment is going to be vacant for some time, you can arrange to have professionals clean it while the apartment is vacant.

Cleaning supplies you will need after moving from Florida to Texas
Consider hiring professional cleaners

Once you move from Florida to Texas

Be easy on yourself after you move in. Moving from Florida to Texas on such short notice is not that simple, so you should be proud of yourself. So what if you still didn’t find a new space for your gym, or if you have disorganized boxes. It will all work out, just take your time. Self-care is important, so stay positive and everything you fall into place.