Moving from Dallas to Arlington on a budget

Local moving in Texas can also be expensive, not like long-distance ones, but still, you will need money to move to a new home. A distance between Arlington and Dallas is about 22 miles – that is about 30 minutes driving. Arlington and Dallas are both beautiful and affordable cities, but they are different and unique. Moving from Dallas to Arlington on a budget won’t be that hard, especially not with those tips below.

Tips for moving from Dallas to Arlington on a budget

To organize your Texas move with ease and plus to organize it on a budget is a perfect combination. Do not panic if you don’t have a big moving budget. There are some ways to cut moving costs and to get all that you need.

Calculating moving from Dallas to Arlington on a budget
Create a moving budget and stick to it

Rent a moving truck

Because this is a local move, you can move by yourself. But, of course, you need to have a moving vehicle, big enough to transport your items from Dallas to Arlington. Renting a moving truck is one fo the options because it is cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company. Another option to consider is to ask a friend who has a moving vehicle to help you out with transportation.

Search for an affordable Texas mover

If you don’t know how to transport items by yourself, search for cheaper moving companies from Texas. Find an affordable Texas crew to transport all your belongings and they will do all the hard work. Negotiate with them to get a better deal, move offseason, ask for discounts, etc. It is possible to move within the budget and still to hire a reliable moving company to help you.

Ask friends for packing help

Hiring packing services is not free. Yes, it is easier, but you can pack all your items by yourself with ease too. Ask family or friends to help you with packing. If you are moving with a family, the entire family should work as a team and pack together. This is also a fun way how to pack, not only affordable.

Texas map.
Texas is an affordable state, so you won’t have a problem lowering down your moving costs

Get free moving supplies

Another thing to consider is how to pack and where to find moving boxes and other supplies at a low price. Make a list of all packing supplies you will need for your Texas move and start searching. Ask supermarkets for moving boxes, your neighbors, friends, visit coffee shops, local stores, etc. For wrapping, you can use soft materials or newspapers because transportation won’t take too much time.


Ditch some of your items

Moving costs mostly depends on the size and weight of your items, so don’t move all your stuff. Declutter while packing and move only unnecessary items. If you did not use that particular item for 6 months or more, you probably don’t need it. For moving from Dallas to Arlington on a budget, try to transport only essentials.