Moving estimates explained

Probably the biggest issue, when people move their home, are the costs. When moving for the first time, all the moving details seem puzzling and that’s where problems appear. In order to prepare you for the upcoming move, let’s talk about the moving estimates. Here’s everything you need to know about it, so you can easily calculate your moving costs.

Why it’s important to understand moving estimates?

Unless you have an unlimited moving budget – knowing everything about your moving costs is crucial for a successful move. Here we’ll talk about the type of moving estimates, so you can be sure you picked the most appropriate one for your relocation. This way, you’ll spend your money wisely, and get most of the moving contract you sign.

a pen on a paper of moving estimates
Before you sign anything, make sure you get informed on moving estimates so you are safe during the moving process.

Types of moving quotes

Binding estimate

If spending more than you planned is your biggest worry – then the binding moving estimate is perfect for you. This type of quote gives you the fixed amount you need to pay – based on the approximately calculated weight of your items. However, these have a downside as well. In case your items are lighter than the approximate value – you’ll still need to pay the fixed price. But if they happen to be heavier – the price is still the same. Just be sure to contact a couple of companies so you can see what’s the average, fair amount you need to pay.

Non-Binding estimate

In theory, this is the fairest estimate there is – you pay exactly how much your items weigh. However, in reality, this estimate is very often used by fraudulent companies. You get a very attractive estimate, but ned up paying a lot more. Even though you don’t need to pay the difference right away, So, be careful when choosing this type of estimate. Pick only reliable companies, calculate the cost of your relocation online, and know what to expect.

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

This type of moving estimate is probably the most popular one, especially when people are moving to another country or state.  The same as the previous two – you’ll get a moving estimate. But, there’s a difference. You won’t have to pay anything that exceeds the estimate – but also you will pay less if the weight of your items is less than it was predicted by the mover. That’s why this estimate is the most common among the reliable moving companies and favorite among customers.

a moving estimate in front of a house
Choose a moving estimate according to the size of your move and your family’s needs.

When choosing a moving estimate, be sure to remember…

…here are some tips on moving estimates you shouldn’t forget:

  • check all the details of the estimate when you receive it along with the bill of landing.
  • don’t sign blank or suspicious documents
  • ask for an in-home inspection/estimate
  • be flexible with the moving date – you can get a more affordable estimate that way.
  • discuss with your mover all the specialty items, difficult-to-reach rooms, stairs, etc.
  • don’t rush with hiring movers – choose only professional, reliable moving companies with a good reputation.