Moving Checklist for Beginners

Moving checklist for beginners is essential when moving for the first time. Especially if you have decided to organize moving on your own. Although you can easily find packing supplies that are affordable, organizing the move is much harder. You will need to put all the essential items on the list. In case you forget something, your checklist will remind you. Also, it is a good reminder for a moving company, too.

What to include in your moving checklist for beginners?

There are a few things that you need to put on this list.

  • First, you should include all the stuff you are planning to move – moving company Arlington cannot know what you are planning to take with you;
  • It is essential to put the items that are valuable on the list – in case that something happens to your stuff, you have a reminder and the insurance list;
  • Robust things make big troubles when moving, but people still do not put them on their checklists – However, it is important to name them and their size to make packing and loading easier;
  • Moving checklist for beginners must include the type of transport and possible problems with that – like sea freight or documents that you must have;
  • Workers in moving companies must know at least a rough list of your items and a checklist has it included.

Whatever the reason you have for making this list, do not forget that moving is tough and time-consuming. You cannot keep in mind every step of that adventure. On the other hand, you should have a reminder of everything that you should do during the move. It is especially crucial for people who organize moving for the first time.

A person completing a moving checklist for beginners.
Making a checklist could make packing easier.

Moving checklist for beginners includes a precise plan for moving

People do not understand that moving itself is very hard and takes much longer than you expect. Although you have all the steps that you need to make on your mind, it is not so simple when the process starts. You need to have a list in writing. It should include your plan on what the moving should be like. It means that you should starting writing this list well in advance.

First, make a plan

Making a plan for moving is not easy. However, it is much harder if you are a beginner in this field. So, do not hesitate to ask somebody for help. On the other hand, if you start on time, you will write everything vital to it. Do not forget to add everything you remember later.

Start early

It is highly essential to start as soon as possible before moving. It means at least six weeks before. In that way, you will be able to control the whole process. It also helps the company to remember essential things.

Get moving quotes

Maybe it does not seem like an important part of a moving checklist for beginners, but it is essential. You should ask for moving quotes from companies way before moving starts. In that way, you will be able to compare prices and choose the best option. It also makes planning a budget more manageable.

Hire company earlier

Although the company does not organize moving too soon, you should contact them immediately. They need to organize and plan a schedule of your moving on time. It will also help them to change things that you do not like. When we say early, we mean at least a month before moving.

Packing should be an essential part of moving checklist for beginners

You may feel that preparation is the most straightforward part of the moving. Unfortunately, it is not even close to so simple. You must include valuable and fragile items in your list. Also, you should organize packing supplies and time for packing. Not to mention individual items that belong to you and the family. Sometimes you will need time for saying goodbye to your stuff. Making a list helps to organize time better for it.

A to do list.
Putting everything on paper will help you not to forget anything.

Consider donating or selling

Moving companies offer all the necessary moving equipment and tools. However, you should decide if you need all those pieces of furniture at the new home. Maybe it is better to get rid of those things before moving. You will be able to buy new furniture when you start your new life at the new address.

Have children and pets in mind

Maybe you have forgotten those details, but they are essential for your moving process. Children and pets need care and individual attention. It is not easy to organize moving with them. Consider leaving them at a friend’s home during packing.

Consider renting a container

It sounds like an unnecessary thing, but you need to rent storage sometimes. In most cases, people rent a container to protect valuable or robust items during moving. You should consider using this help for your move, too. Include it in your checklist and budget list.

Start making a moving checklist for beginners earlier

No matter how good a moving company is, you should organize your moving much before the moving actually starts. It means at least a month before moving. However, it is not something that you should make in one day. You should put reminders and notes on the list whenever they come to your mind. In that way, you will not forget anything.

A checklist.
A checklist should include all important items.


Most people forget that they will not be able to cancel services right after moving. You could pay a much higher monthly bill because of that. So, plan to cancel electricity, gas or the internet before the moving starts. For the same reasons, contact the company on a new address earlier.

Prepare packing supplies

You will not need only large boxes for moving. In case you have fragile items, you will need a particular package. Also, you will need small bags and wrapping paper. You should plan all of this stuff earlier. Sometimes you will not be able to find or provide it for days. It will help you to make a plan and save money on packing material.

Ask for special services

Maybe you will need some of them. In case that you have a piano or large furniture, you should put that on a moving checklist for beginners. It will help the company to make a plan for your move, too. Sometimes things look much more evident when put on paper.