List of reasons to move to Seguin this year

If you are planning to move to Seguin this year, or just thinking about it we will show you some reasons why that can be a great decision. But first, let’s get to know Seguin, a city in Texas a bit more. This city is located in Guadalupe County. The population is estimated to be around 30 000. If you are wondering about the weather there – this is Texas after all. It can get pretty hot and often pretty humid. Some people like that climate, some don’t. It’s up to you to choose the climate that feels nice to you. This city is known as the home of the “World’s Largest Pecan”. As you can assume it’s rather fitting that Seguin has its own nutcracker museum. You can see there some of the best locally grown pecans but also you will see about 8000 different sorts of pecans from all over the world. It’s a pretty interesting exhibit and you should definitely check it out. But this museum is not one of the reasons to move here. This is our list.

1. This is a safe town

People planning to relocate with their families often check out to see if the city they have chosen is safe. Safety is a top priority when you have kids. But seniors look at this information also. You want to live in a nice and safe city. If you check out FBI crime rates you will see that Seguin is a pretty safe place. Not much criminal activity going on here. Small towns are usually much safer places than big cities and that is one of the reasons why people choose to move to smaller places.

2. Small town charm

Many people enjoy the small-town charm, and this place is a textbook version of it. It’s a beautiful town with not so many residents but also it’s not a rural place. With over 30 000 people living there you will surely find plenty of friends. Also, the town is beautiful and the residents are friendly. This is a common occurrence in small communities. But also Texans are known to be friendly people, it’s just a part of the culture here and that is part of this state’s charm. Even the movers here are friendly. So if you decide to relocate here you can simply ask neighbors for help and they will make your relocation and settling in much easier.

Texas neon sign
Texans are known to be friendly folks.

3. The costs of living

Texas is not one of the cheapest states but it’s not as expansive as California or New York. One of the reasons to move to Seguing this year would be lower prices. Especially the real estate prices. They are much lower than the prices in bigger cities like Austin and New Braunfels. This is a great perk of living away from the big cities. You will spend less money. So the money you have saved up can be used for smarter things like kids’ education or renovating your home. The possibilities are endless.

money in a jar spilled out
Prices of houses are always lower in smaller towns like Seguin is.

4. Plenty to do here

There is so much you can do here so, to make it easier for you here is a list of some cool things to explore this year in Seguin :

  • Make sure to explore the amazingly beautiful vineyards of Blue Lotus Winery – they are a sight
  • For ones that enjoy shopping the most – Downtown Seguin Historic District is a perfect spot
  • If you like to play golf make sure to visit Max Starcke Park
  • Don’t forget to visit the Pape Pecan House and Nutcracker Museum
  • Sebastopol House Historic Site is also a cool place to check out
  • If you love handcrafted beer you will love Seguin Brewing Company
  • You can also explore the Seguin Heritage Museum

These are just a few things we had to single out for you and they should be your first stop but this city even though it’s a small one is full of things to do, see and explore. There is something for everyone. Even the kids can find some cool places to play or simply hang out. There are a few awesome amusement parks there also!

5. Perfect place for families

Seguin is a perfect place for families. All the things we listed can show you this. Friendly neighbors, small-town charm, safe environment, plenty of stuff to do – what more can one family wish for? Also, the commute to bigger cities nearby like San Antonio is good. So, it’s fine if you find a job in a bigger place and live in Seguin.

family hugging
This might be a perfect place for your growing family.

If you want to move to Seguin this year

If after serious research you see that Seguin is a perfect place for you and decide to move to Seguin we have some advice for you. The best piece of advice we have (when it comes to relocation) is to hire reliable professional movers like Moving can be a very tiring job. You have to pack all your household belongings. If you have kids you need to prepare them as well. There is also a lot of planning and logistics involved and let’s not even start with how horrible heavy lifting can be. Especially if you have some big items like a piano. That’s why hiring a full-service moving company is the only way to have a stress-free relocation.

Good luck!

We wish you good luck when the time comes to move to Seguin. We believe that it will be a fairly easy process if you hire professionals to help you. When you do come and start befriending locals make sure to ask them about cool things to see and explore there, Surely they will have a lot more to show you than we just did.