Iconic foods you need to try after moving from Washington to Texas

After you move to Texas, you will have to try the most popular dishes in the big state! There are many amazing dishes to choose from, but our local experts from Movers Arlington Texas helped us compile this list of the most iconic and popular foods you need to try after moving from Washington to Texas this year!

The most popular foods you need to try after moving from Washington to Texas

As we mentioned before, there are many amazing dishes that you should try! In fact, you should try all of them and make your own list! But, for now, this is our list:

  • Chili con Carne
  • Fajitas
  • Corn Dogs
  • Brisket
  • Crawfish
  • Pecan pie

Chili con Carne

Although some people might mistakenly believe that chili con carne is a traditional Mexican cuisine, it was actually created in America and is very rarely prepared in Mexico to serve visitors. The meal would still be a mainstay on Mexican menus across the nation if it were Mexican since traditional foods do not disappear that quickly in Mexico. Chili con carne is a meat-based stew that includes finely diced beef, fiery chilies, spices, and water, however, there is constant controversy about the exact components of chili. Many people disagree with purists who claim that authentic chili does not contain beans or tomatoes.

Chili con Carne
Chili con Carne comes in many different variations, and you should try as many as possible!

If you want to try all of the popular versions of chili con carne, you should move to Texas and travel around it. If you want to do it as soon as possible, you should hire a reputable moving company like a2bmovingandstorage.com and start your adventure as soon as you land in Texas. By having a reputable mover you will be able to relax and enjoy your chili con carne while the pros handle your move.


A Popular Tex-Mex delicacy is known as “fajitas” which is made of marinated, fried skirt steak and served in a tortilla. The name “fajita” was first used in literature to describe food in 1975. Ten years later, it became one of the most well-known Tex-Mex meals. The name “fajita” comes from the Spanish “faja,” which means “girdle” or “strip,” and refers to a cheap cut of beef that covers the diaphragm and was quite unappealing to many people.

Mexican ranch laborers used to tenderize skirt steak in the 1940s by crushing and marinating it in lime juice. They then cooked the meat over an open fire and served it in a wheat tortilla with a variety of toppings. Fajitas are very popular all across Texas, but because hipsters love Dallas, you will be able to try the biggest variety of fajitas there!

Texas Barbecue

There are four distinct subcategories of Texas-style barbecue in the United States: Central, East, South, and West Texas. The Central Texas-style variation, which got its start in late-19th-century meat markets in Germany and the Czech Republic, is the most well-known kind. This type of grilling is frequently used to prepare brisket, of which the slimmer, flat piece is known as the tip and the fattier, more tender, flat portion. Salt, pepper, and sometimes a little cayenne or garlic powder are used to season the meat.

Steak on a grill
Texas barbecue is a must-try when you land in Texas!

Corn dogs

A corn dog is a deep-fried sausage on a stick that has been covered in a layer of cornmeal batter. It has American roots and is frequently used in American food. It is a common street food that you will find all over Texas. Corn dogs became a staple in Texas because they are easy to eat on the go. Moreover, they are great for sports events and certainly one of the foods you need to try after moving from Washington to Texas.

Many people say that corn dogs are a great reason to move to Texas! If you ask around the streets of Arlington, many people will confirm that statement! Even though you will find corn dogs in Washington, the Texas version is way better! We recommend you relax and let specialists simplify your transfer while you enjoy your corn dogs. By having a reputable mover by your side, you will both reduce the time and the stress that comes with moving. Interstate moves can be very stressful, so it is crucial to take care of yourself during the time!


The brisket was brought to Texas by immigrants from Germany and the Czech Republic. Many of them were Jews who brought their own recipes for Passover brisket. Texas cattle ranchers and newcomers soon started trading cooking techniques, giving rise to Texas smoked brisket. Smoking adds a lot of flavors while preventing the meat from drying out and requires less seasoning. Today, brisket is considered to be a staple of Texas barbecue, and it is rare to find a restaurant serving it off the menu.


Crawfish fever crossed the border from Louisiana to Texas, where it has become a part of the state’s culture. In Texas, crawfish are still often cooked and consumed Cajun-style. From around March through May, you may find a lot of restaurants throwing crawfish boils. The joy of eating crawfish is in the ritual. You may ask a native how they break apart the shell to get at the delectable flesh within. Crawfish cookouts are among the favorite family-friendly activities in Arlington!

Crawfish is one of the foods you need to try after moving from Washington to Texas
Crawfish boils are one of the favorite summer activities in Texas!

Pecan pie

One of the most typical meals from Texas is pecan pie. Pecans, sugar, butter, and vanilla are used to make the delicious dessert known as pecan pie. In the fall, Texas is well-known for its pecan pies. With buttery nuts on top of a layer of corn syrup filling enclosed in a flaky golden crust, I don’t see how other pies can match. Everyone’s grandmother makes the finest pecan pie, it’s very well known. Moreover, after moving from Washington to Texas, try to be friendly to as many grandmas to try different pecan pies!

In conclusion

Texas is filled with amazing foods you need to try after moving from Washington to Texas! After you try the food you will feel like a true Texan and you will have a higher standard for food! We hope that you will try all of these iconic Texan delicacies and that you will enjoy them. Keep in mind that there are many more amazing foods that you should try!