How to prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation

Getting a new home and moving to another state is surely exciting, however many challenges and tasks sure can make it difficult. One of them is packing. After spending years in a house, you’ve created an oasis, which you would like to transfer to your new home. However, that’s not always that easy to do. Certain items are difficult, or even impossible to move. For example, house plants are very fragile and often suffer certain damage during transport. But you’ve put a lot of love and effort into them, so it’s difficult to leave them behind. We want to help you prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation and have an easy, stress-free move. Let’s begin!

Should you hire a mover to relocate your house plants?

Unfortunately, most of the moving companies won’t relocate your plants. The reason is that items like this are too fragile to be transported safely. And even if a company accepts to do that, they will not cover any damage that happens during transport. A good mover will help you transport your household items safely, but you need to do the plant transport on your own. And as your plants need to travel a long distance, from Nevada to Texas, you need to take care of them properly. We advise you to transport them with yourself, in the vehicle you’ll be traveling with. It’s probably the safest way you can move to them a new home. You can also ship the plants via air, but the packages need to comply with the airline rules. Another option is shipping the plants through the mail, using the services of UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Again, be sure to check the guidelines and restrictions and pack the pots as safely as possible.

Extra tip: You might need to take care of your plants on your own, but all the other items in your household can be relocated by an experienced mover. In this case, the biggest concern for families is moving costs. Even though you’re moving from Nevada to Texas, your relocation doesn’t need to be too expensive. Affordable long-distance moves are possible if you do some research and make sure you get the best offer. A moving company that has the experience and provides high-quality moving companies can also be affordable and don’t let you break the bank.

Decide on the number of plants you’re moving to Texas

If you have a lot of plants and a big home, then chances are you’ll have to give some of them up. Before you start preparing your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation, do some decluttering and sorting out. Decide which plants you want to bring to your new house, and what are the ones you leave behind. To do that, be sure to check regulations on bringing plants across state lines. Read about the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s regulations on moving plants and the most important information about certain species. Furthermore, not every plan can thrive in Texas’ hot climate, so it’s best to leave it behind. If some of the items are forbidden to bring, or they are simply too fragile for the road – give them away to friends or neighbors.

Start the preparation process on time

It’s essential that you prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation on time, the same way you prepare your home for the move. Start a couple of weeks in advance, by repotting the plants into more travel-friendly pots. We recommend plastic pots because they are easier to carry and more flexible so they won’t break during transport. Furthermore, the soil you use in these pots should be sterilized to prevent the spreading of any diseases or pests to the new home.

a plant on a table
Plants are sensitive to sudden changes of soil, climate, and environment, so be sure to prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation correctly.

Save space

If you don’t have a lot of space in your vehicle, consider taking only cuttings of your house plants. It’s a space-saving option, but it needs to be done on time as well. Take the cuttings and place them in a rooting compound, so they can establish roots before the moving day. It’s a safer way to get your old plants, but also bring a new life in your new home.

Packing the plants for transport

When you need to prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation, your biggest concern should be packing. As your other belongings will be safely relocated by Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, you have plenty of time and energy to pack your houseplants. Here are the main tips for maximum safety.

Use smaller boxes

It’s best you use a separate small box for each plant. Small boxes prevent tumbling and moving around, and they are easier to carry. These boxes should be sturdy and without any damage – this way you’ll prevent spilling and making a mess in your vehicle. Instead of boxes, use sturdy cardboard to roll the pots in it, and tape it on the sides.

Gather necessary packing supplies

Apart from boxes, there are other packing supplies you need to pack the plants for the move. You’ll need some packing paper (or simply some old newspaper), plastic wrap, plastic bags and ties, and some flea collars to prevent bugs from moving with you.

Pack them safely

Once you gathered all the supplies, it’s time to pack the plants for transport. You can easily do that by placing a plastic bag over a plant and tying the bag near the roots of the plant. It’s important to ensure airflow inside the bag, so be sure to poke some holes. Now, secure the plant from moving around by filling the extra space with some packing paper. Be careful though, since too much paper can break the plant and also stop the airflow. The final step – labeling. Label each package with ‘fragile’ and also the name of the plant.

plants packed in cardboard the way you need to prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation.
In order to prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation, pack them safely, and label the packages correctly.

Water the plants on time

To prepare your house plants for Nevada to Texas relocation, make sure you water them a couple of days before the moving day. This will make sure the soil is moist but avoid leakage. Depending on how long you’ll be traveling, you’ll maybe have to water the plants again. Even though most of the plants can survive without regular watering for a few days, be sure that the roots are damp all of the time. This will ensure your plants survive until you arrive in Texas. Stay safe and have a nice trip!