How to handle downsizing during summer season

Downsizing your home is a good idea. You should do this at least once a year. Getting rid of all the things you do not need can be beneficial to you and your home. So planning to downsize once a year is a good idea. However, you might not be ready to do it. If you are uncertain here are a few tips to help you handle downsizing during summer season. Prepare for it and try to make the best of the warm weather and handle it quickly and efficiently.

What you should know

Summer is the best time to do some downsizing. Once you decide to do it you should get up and do it quickly. Try to get on it as soon as you can. If you drag your feet you will eventually lose focus and give up. So be quick about it. Do it as soon as possible so you have the rest of your summer to enjoy with your family.

Woman carrying a box
Downsizing during summer season is a good idea when you need to clean or you are moving to a smaller place

Besides speed, you should also make a good downsizing plan. To have a good organization of this process you should plan it in detail. Only with a proper, plan you will be able to complete all of the tasks at hand without missing anything. So you should have a planner or at least a list of important things to do. Tablets and phones now also come in handy as they can hold lists and schedules important for doing this right. So, before getting the pros to help you out in this endeavor here is what Advantage Express Movers advise you should know:

  • Clean and declutter
  • Get rid of things
  • Get new boxes and containers

This will be the key to your successful move if you are planning on it for the summer.

Clean and declutter

Try to clean your place, declutter and pack room by room. This will help you be as efficient as possible when downsizing. Going room by room will help you concentrate on the task at hand making you complete it efficiently. If you are downsizing for a move to another place cleaning and decluttering will also help you leave the place clean for potential buyers to look at. Cleaning and downsizing during summer season are also easier with the warm weather and fresh air coming in.

Get rid of things

Decluttering is a process through which you get rid of unwanted things. We all tend to accumulate a lot of things we rarely use or have the need for. This is all clutter that makes your home seem smaller and can be suffocating. During downsizing, you should inventory such things to get rid of. Make sure that you give them away, sell them, or donate them. You can also throw some of these things out. The result of this activity will be a downsized and clutter-free home.

Woman sitting between cardboard boxes
Get the proper supplies when downsizing

Get new boxes and containers

Packaging or storage boxes for a lot of things can get dirty and worn out over time. This process of downsizing and decluttering is the perfect opportunity to replace them. So try to get new study boxes for your things. You can even opt for plastic transparent containers that are very practical. You can even get decorative boxes to keep your things organized and make a statement in your home.

Bottom line

No doubt about it, downsizing during summer season is a process. It takes time and effort. However, it is worth doing especially if you’re often on the move. Refresh your space and declutter it by downsizing.