How to disassemble your furniture for storage

Moving is a process that can often open up a lot of questions. One of the bigger ones is how to handle furniture and what to do with it. Moving furniture is something people do if it is a valuable antique or an heirloom. However, most people decide to move without furniture and get rid of it or put it in storage. If you decide to put your furniture in storage you should find the right one and know how to handle it properly. Because it is bulky and heavy your best bet is to disassemble it. To be clear, there are other options but if you decide to do it yourself, you should know how to disassemble your furniture for storage.

What to do

First of all, you should assess your capabilities well. Decide if you can do it yourself or with help from your friends. If you are confident here are a few things to know and prepare.

  • Gather the equipement
  • Pace yourself
  • Handle the parts correctly
  • Pack them in boxes

This is a list of things to guide and help you. But be clear about the options that exist. You can hire professionals to disassemble your furniture for storage for you. If you leave packing to specialists you can rest assured that disassembly and packing will be done correctly and without too much risk of damage.

Tools get the right ones to disassemble your furniture for storage
Get the right tools to handle this job and disassemble your furniture for storage

Get the equipment and tools

Having the proper tools to do this job is not too much of a problem. Be sure that you can handle this with a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver. If you don’t have these tools know that getting them will increase your cost. However, by doing this yourself you are sure to save some money. This is all viable provided that you know what you are doing and do not cause any damage to your things.

Take your time

A good piece of advice is to take your time with disassembly. Do not do it all in a day. If you are too eager and rush things chances are that you will cause some unwanted damage. Pace yourself and also get help from friends and family to do things right.

Sort and handle the parts

If you are dealing with multiple pieces of furniture then stay organized when handling and sorting the parts. Make sure that you don’t mix different parts. Also, make sure that all of them are at the same place ready for pacing. this will make the next step easier.


Make sure to get the right packing supplies. It is important that you pack each part correctly and for the best protection. After all the furniture should be protected from dust dirt and the element in the storage unit. So make sure to get specialized boxes for parts. Also, use a lot of padding and other protective materials to avoid scratches. Secure the boxes correctly with extra packing tape and filling materials.

Man packing a chair
Proper packing supplies are a must

Disassemble your furniture for storage stress-free

You can disassemble your furniture for storage with relative ease. It is not that hard but demands proper care and attention. With these few tips, you can do it yourself. However, consider the option of using professionals to do this job for you.