Fun weekend activities in Texas for families with kids

Relocating to a new place can be quite challenging and when you have children, it can get even trickier. Kids usually don’t understand the reasons and the need for relocation. That is why you need to make this entire adventure fun for them. Find the weekend activities in Texas so they can enjoy each weekend once your relocation is done. In the meantime, find the tips for long-distance house hunting in Texas, so everything is ready for once you get there.

Add the Adventure Park to your weekend activities in Texas list

The first weekend you arrive in Texas will be an amazing opportunity to visit Lubbock and the Adventure Park located there. The Adventure Park is a 20-acre park that has so many entertainment programs and various activities for people of all ages. It is brand new, so expect to see lots of people there. Start the day with some ziplining, enjoying the bumper boats, and going through a laser maze. Also, you must try out the excursion wings at the expedition café. The entire family will love it. Contact the Great White Moving Company so you can schedule the move in advance and get to Texas asap!

A woman ziplining, representing an example of weekend activities in Texas your whole family should try.
The Adventure Park has an abundance of fun activities to offer to people of all ages. Ziplining included.

The next destination should be the American Windmill Museum

Not that far from Adventure Park, also located in Lubbock, you have the American Windmill Museum. It is one of the favorite weekend adventures in Texas among many families. So, make sure that you don’t skip on this one. In this museum, you will be able to see the largest collection of windmills in the entire world. There are over 170 rare and fully restored windmills your kids will love to see. Also, get ready for some interactive and creative entertainment around the entire museum. Historic sites and rich history are one of the reasons many people are moving to Texas. And you are lucky to be one of them.

Pay a visit to Atl’ Do Farm Corn Maze

When the spooky season comes and all the children are in that Halloween mood, you need to bring them once again to Lubbock. There is an Atl’ Do Farms Corn Maze that is more than just a maze. They will be able to take a hayride and pick up pumpkins and carve them. Another one of the activities your children will be able to do is to shoot the corn cannon, which is especially interesting for the boys. Make sure that you reserve a campfire at this maze. Don’t forget to try roasted corn with various toppings, either. Prepare your household when moving to Texas in advance so you can enjoy all the adventures right away.

A boy and a girl dressed in black holding pumpkins.
If your little ones are into Halloween and pumpkin carving, Atl’ Do Farm Corn Maze is the place to take them.

Let your kid decide

Remember that you don’t have to plan all the weekend activities in Texas. Sometimes, a spontaneous weekend where your children can choose what they want to do and where is even better. Reward your kids for doing well at school to being overall good with an abundance of fun at one of the above places.