Fort Worth for newcomers: places you should not miss

If you are moving to Fort Worth soon, surely you already know everything there is to know about your upcoming relocation. But do you know everything there is about the city itself and the places you have to visit? If the answer is no, welcome to our little guide to Fort Worth for newcomers. We will be exploring some of the best places you should check out as soon as you are done unpacking and settling in. Of course, we will also show you who can help you with that. Sometimes unpacking can be quite difficult but more about that later. Now, let’s focus on the fun part.

Something suitable for all ages – Fort Worth Zoo

In 1909, when it opened its doors, the Fort Worth Zoo was home to just a handful of creatures. It has now become well-known throughout the state of Texas and the rest of the United States. Here is a fun fact for you. This is the oldest zoo in Texas. This Zoo houses both local and foreign species totaling over seven thousand animals. That’s pretty impressive, right? Your kids will love it. This is one of the best attractions for families thanks to its pleasant shade, well-marked paths, and cutting-edge facilities.

A woman at the zoo, one of the places one shouldn't miss according to the Fort Worth for newcomers guide.
When you start investigating Fort Worth for newcomers you will see that zoo is the first destination.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Fort Worth Botanic Garden, located on Botanic Garden Boulevard, is a great addition to your list of potential holiday destinations. This garden dates back to 1934 and it is the first of its sort in Texas. More than 2,500 plant species can be found here, in a wide variety of habitats spanning 21 distinct garden themes. The Japanese Garden is a popular attraction, spanning seven acres and featuring a Zen garden, a couple of koi ponds, some nice bridges, waterfalls, a couple of Japanese maples, pagodas, and even a charming little teahouse.
In addition to the Oval Rose Garden, which is overrun with hundreds of roses, there is Rock Springs, which features ponds, plants, and a small waterfall.

The Botanic Garden’s conservatory is a 10,000-square-foot space that provides even another activity option. Bromeliads, orchids, and other tropical flowering plants can be found within. The Backyard Vegetable Garden is worth visiting as well; it provides educational activities and grows a wide variety of vegetables. This can be one of the best weekend activities for the whole family.

Car lovers will enjoy Texas Motor Speedway

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Fort Worth is the Texas Motor Speedway. It’s the finest way to experience the excitement of watching high-speed vehicles compete in exciting races. Seeing a high-stakes, action-packed race at this venue is a thrill beyond compare because of the track’s 1.5-mile oval layout and 24-degree corners. Both the Duck Commander 500 and AA Texas 500, two NASCAR Spring Cup races, take place at the Motor Speedway. The WinStar World Casino & Resort 400 is also located here. Tickets to events at the Motor Speedway are pretty affordable. You can buy them in packages of four. To be able to fully enjoy the speedway and the rest of what the city has to offer first you need to fully unpack and settle in. But that is not an easy endeavor. Luckily can help you.

Yellow racing car.
Quite fun, right?

Stockyards National Historic District

This is much more than simply a dusty relic. Cowtown’s moniker comes from the city’s prosperous and prolific cattle industry, which left a lasting mark on the city and a lot of this state and the Old West. Fort Worth was the last major settlement on the Chisholm Trail, and as such saw the exchange of countless cattle between 1866 and 1890. The area is ideal for cowboys who herd cattle to use as a hub for moving cattle around the region. This can also be fun for the kids but it can be quite overwhelming so maybe wait until they adjusted to new surroundings first.

Sid Richardson Museum is a great intro to Fort Worth for newcomers

Sundance Square is where you’ll find this museum. The museum’s namesake, Sid Richardson, amassed its extensive collection of artwork between 1942 and 1959. It first opened its doors in 1982. They did it with the intention of enlightening and motivating people from all areas of life. The Sid Richardson receives more than 40,000 visitors each year. While perusing the museum’s halls, you can enjoy both permanent and temporary displays of the museum’s stunning paintings. There is something interesting there for everybody. Some works present idealistic and perhaps even romantic or humorous perspectives of the West, while others speak solely of its brutal reality.

An exhibition at a museum, one of the places you shouldn't miss according to Forth Worth for newcomers guide.
You will easily find more museums to enjoy in Fort Worth.

Now, let’s go to The Sundance Square

Since we mentioned the Sid Richardson Museum we have to talk about Sundance Square. Having so many exciting places to visit in and around it, Sundance Square is indeed the crown jewel of Fort Worth’s central business district. There are nearly 40 structures spread across 35 blocks. They represent a wide range of architectural styles to provide something for everyone. This gorgeous Fort Worth classic is dotted with art galleries, museums, shops, restaurants, and theaters. Sundance Square’s vibrancy and unpredictability are in large part due to the periodic festivals and fancy events that are held there. If you decide to move near sundance square experts can help you out and make sure that everything is done quickly.

Performance Hall – Nancy Lee and Perry R.

This hall is named after its benefactors and it is widely regarded as one of the finest theaters in the state and the United States. Nancy and Perry knew how to invest wisely. There are performances of all sorts from all throughout the city, and there are also some events and plays that draw visitors from further afield. It opened in 1998 and was constructed out of limestone in the manner of some European opera houses.

It’s also located in Sundance Square. An architectural marvel and municipal landmark, this structure is topped by a dome that soars eighty feet into the air and features carved angels that tower over visitors from a height of forty-five feet. Texas Ballet Theater, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Fort Worth Opera, and the Cliburn are just some of the performances that have graced the stage of the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall. Those were our favorite places in Fort Worth for newcomers. Check them out.