Family relocation from New Jersey to Texas – smart packing guide

So, you have moved with your family to Texas? Wise choice! However, moving to the US’s largest state is not as easy as you might think so. Moving preparation is necessary, and you have to do it in time. One thing you have to do is to pack for your relocation. Packing is not that hard, but if you don’t do it properly, some of your stuff will be damaged when they arrive. Like with every interstate relocation, packing for relation from New Jersey to Texas need to be done well.

In this smart packing guide, we are going to explore multiple things. First, how you can get packing supplies and where you can get them. Second, how to pack different items, and are there any alternatives to packing on your own?

Where and how you can get packing supplies?

For ordinary moves, getting your hands on packing supplies for your Texas move is the easiest part of the moving process. Usually, you can find most of the packing supplies in your local supermarket. Some moving supplies you can get in the supermarket are:

  • a packing tape
  • a plastic wrap
  • boxes, and maybe plastic bins
  • a marker
  • sticky notes
  • some kind of protective material, like plastic beans
Relocation from New Jersey to Texas with a shopping cart.
Your relocation from New Jersey to Texas requires some packing. Thankfully, you can get most of them in a supermarket!

However, if you are moving heavier items, get some unique packing supplies. Sure, you can move most items with ordinary packing supplies. For example, most of the time, you can move your furniture with no distinctive moving supplies. All you have to do is to wrap your furniture with packing tape, and you will be good to go. We recommend checking with Bluebell Relocation Services if you need any special moving supplies for your items.

The act of packing

Different items require different ways of packing. So, let’s explore some ways of packing items.

Packing glassware and chinaware

Take a box. Fill that box to the brim with plastic beans. Fill the insides of glasses and bowls with plastic beans, too. Wrap every piece of glassware or chinaware with a piece of paper. Then, wrap them again with plastic wrap. Secure each piece with packing tape. Close the box and seal it with packing tape. Mark every box with an arrow pointing up and write “fragile”. That way, your movers will know how to handle the box with fragile items.

However, if you plan to move such fragile items across the states, you need to get a crew to help you settle in. That way you’ll have someone to lean on, and not be afraid that something will go wrong. Only the right movers can relocate fragile items properly across the US.

Packing electronics

It would be best if you have original packaging. However, if you don’t, using ordinary boxes is okay. Separate all the cables from their main components. Mark every cable with sticky tape to know what goes where. Put all cables in a plastic bin. Put your main components in a box filled with plastic beans. Secure the box with packing tape. Write “fragile” and draw an arrow pointing up.

Packing large and bulky items

Piano in a room.
Special items require special packing.

Large and bulky items, like furniture, usually don’t need any special packing. Some items might need to be covered with plastic wrap. Just make sure not to use plastic wrap with everything. Applying plastic wrap to surfaces with a glossy finish might damage them under the heat.

Are there any alternatives?

If you are struggling with packing, or if you have some special items you want to move, like musical instruments and artwork, we recommend hiring professional packing services. Sure, it will cost some money, but your stuff will be safe.

Good luck with your Texas move!