DIY relocation from California to Texas: tips and hints

Leaving California for Texas is a new and exciting step in life. The chances of experiencing new things will increase when you move to Texas. You will have an opportunity to start a new life, get a new job and find new friends. But before you can do all that, you need to relocate to Texas. We at  Movers Arlington TX can help you. Follow our tips and hints for a DIY relocation from California to Texas. Let’s begin!

DIY relocation from California to Texas – planning the relocation

The first step to moving to the Lone Star State is organizing your relocation. A relocation has many steps, and you have to be careful with each one. We will give you a timeline of your do-it-yourself move to Texas. And we have to point out even though you are performing a DIY relocation. You can always let movers handle some of your tasks. Let’s move on to the timeline. 

  • 8 weeks before the move, you should start looking into movers, and if you decide to engage experts, movers from California to Texas are your best choice. They know both states thoroughly and can relocate you fast and stress-free. But if you do not want to hire movers, you can skip this part. 
  • 6-weeks before the relocation, you should start making an inventory of your items. In addition, if you have kids, call their old school and new school to inform them about the move. 
  • 4-weeks before the relocation day, focus on getting moving supplies and hiring a moving truck if you are driving yourself to Texas. 
  • 3-weeks before the move, make sure to set up the utilities in your new home. 
  • 2-weeks before the relocation, begin the packing process. 
  • To end your DIY relocation from California to Texas, you only need to load the truck on moving day. 
white board with writing
A DIY relocation from California to Texas will be more comfortable with a plan!

Adjust your timeline to your DIY moving needs and family situation, but the example above is a good starting point for making your own. And if you decide to hire movers to help you leave California, watch out for moving costs

How to find movers if you decide you need them 

Let’s quickly go over how to find reliable relocation experts for your move to Texas if you decide you need some help after all. Here are the steps you can take to get perfect movers to help you move to Texas and experience the reasons why you should become a Texan. 

  • The first step is to contact your friends for any recommendations. A friend who has had experience moving to Texas from California is your best guaranty for a reliable mover. The first step should be enough, but if you do not have any friends in your position, move on to the second step.
  • The second step is to read up on companies that have had experience relocation from California to Texas. Google them and read their reviews. And this goes without saying, choose the companies with the best evaluations. A great pick would be local California movers. They have a ton of experience moving people out of Cali to the Lone Star State and will put great care into their work. 
  • The third step is to contact them and ask them for a quick estimate. Then schedule an interview. 
  • The fourth step is the interview process, where you should go for the most pleasing and welcoming company. 
  • They will then do an in-person evaluation and give you a more precise estimate of the moving cost. 
  • And the final step, before the work begins, will be to sign the moving contract. 

If you follow the steps above, you will find great movers to get you to Texas. 

DIY relocation from California to Texas – inventory 

The first assignment of your DIY relocation is inventory. You can take it in two ways, with a pen and paper or on the phone. The crucial thing is to write everything down so you have a good idea of how much stuff you have. Make sure to organize everything by room to avoid any misunderstandings. 

a notebook
A list of your household item from California will make the process faster and less stressful!

The decluttering process of your Golden State home 

When the inventory is complete, you need to get rid of some of your stuff to reduce the moving cost. You can declutter your items in three ways. 

  • The first way to declutter your items is to organize a garage sale in your California place. With a garage sale, you can make money and use it to get better moving supplies or rent a better moving truck. 
  • You can pass your items along to family and friends. 
  • And the final way is to donate your stuff. 

The moving supplies

When you complete your decluttering, you will need fewer moving supplies. The least amount of effort is to get moving supplies online. And we recommend this way because you can usually get them a lot cheaper online. Get plastic bins, cardboard boxes, tape, and all kinds of wrapping materials. 

DIY relocation from California to Texas – the packing 

When the supplies arrive, move on to pacing. As we mentioned in the paragraph about the moving timeline, give yourself time. Try to give yourself a week, but the ideal amount of time would be two weeks. But if you have a ton of heavy items in your Golden State home, consider working with specialists and hiring them for their packing services. Their expert can handle all types of belongings and pack them securely, so they arrive intact to Texas. 

Loading of the truck for Texas

To load the truck, get a lot of friends to help you. There will be many heavy items to lift, and you will need the extra hands. 

white truck on the road
If you let the professional load the truck, you will be on your way to Texas faster!

The unpacking in Texas 

And the last thing to do in your DIY relocation from California to Texas is to unpack. Unpack everything in your Texas home as you need it. By doing it like this, it will be less stressful!