Dallas vs Fort Worth – which city is better for you

Dallas and Fort Worth and big cities in Texas near each other. If you need to decide where to move, you should explore both cities. They have a lot of similarities, but on the other hand, they are different and unique too. Where will you move – Dallas vs Fort Worth – how to choose? It mostly depends on your priorities, lifestyle, budget, are you single or you have kids, etc. Distance between these 2 cities is about 32 miles (via I-30 W), which is half an hour driving. So, if you are visiting this area, you can visit both cities.

Differences between Dallas vs Fort Worth

Dallas and Fort Worth are both beautiful cities of Texas, but there are some differences that will help you decide which one to choose as your new home.

Fighting between Dallas vs Fort Worth.
Both of these cities are amazing and beautiful, but they have differences

These are both places to consider when moving to Texas because they have a lot to offer to its residents. This situation is like the rivalry between siblings. Some of the major differences are:

  • Dallas is bigger and it has a bigger population. This is why Dallas is louder and “flashier” than Fort Worth. The population of Dallas is 1,383,000 and the population of Forth Worth is 932,400.
  • When it comes to the costs of living, Fort Worth is cheaper. For instance, rent in Fort Worth is about 18.5% cheaper, and also groceries, restaurants, are less expensive.
  • Because of a higher population, traffic in Dallas can be crazy sometimes, especially during rush hours. Traffic jams are often, so you will need more apprehension when driving and more time from destination A to destination B.
  • Dallas vs Fort Worth – cosmopolitan versus hipster culture? Dallas is one of the most multicultural cities in TX, so there are more restaurants and shops.
  • There are more dining options in Dallas, but food in both cities is delicious, especially the famous Texan BBQ. In Dallas, you can find a variety of food because there are more immigrants from India, Korea, Mexico, Ethiopia, etc.
  • These are both Texas cities for families, but if you want a smaller community and your own peace, Fort Worth may be a better choice. It depends where you want to raise a family, in what community.
  • Fort Worth is a hub for ranching and cattle, while Dallas is tech-oriented. You can choose depending on the industry where you want to work.
A view of Dallas at night.
Dallas is big and loud, but it does not mean that Fort Worth is boring

Other differences

There are also some smaller differences you should know about. As you can see, even if these two cities are near each other, there are differences.

  • Cowboys in Dallas means different from Cowboys in Fort Worth. Cowboys in Dallas are associated with football and over-sized arenas, while Cowboys in Fort Worth are associated with rodeo.
  • Nickname for Dallas is “The Big D” and for Fort Worth is “Cowtown” – and those names set the tone for those cities. Everything is big in Dallas, while Fort Worth is quiet and more friendly.
  • When the night comes, Fort Worth has more people than Dallas. This is why Dallas has been in a period of developmental restructuring, so a nightlife downtown is more thriving in Fort Worth.

DFW area is beautiful and different from the rest of Texas. Many people are moving here because of business, or they are looking for a place to raise their kids. If you want to live here, moving in this area hassle-free is possible if you are organized and if you ask for help. You can choose between small apartments and big family homes with a pool – just name it – DFW has it. These differences may help you choose between Dallas vs Fort Worth, but you should visit both cities if you are able to.

Fort Worth.
Fort Worth has a Western vibe, but it has a modern side too

Packing and moving to this area

After deciding where to move, it is time to book a move and to start pack your items. How to pack for moving to Texas?

First of all, finding sturdy boxes for relocation and other packing material is necessary. You can buy them from a company or get them for free. But for fragile and sensitive items, you should use firm and new boxes. Separate items you want to move – you won’t need winter clothing because Dallas and Fort Worth are both sunny and hot.

If you move fewer items, your relocation is going to be more affordable. So, keep that in mind if you want to stay within the budget. Packing for Texas move includes packing clothing, furnishing, electronics, books, etc. and that is why you should start on time. About 1 month before moving because packing will take you more time than you think. Items you don’t want to move to your new home, you can donate or sell.

When it comes to transporting your household items to Dallas or to Fort Worth, you should hire professional movers, because they know how to handle a move with ease. Research moving companies from Texas, choose a couple of them and then compare their services and prices. Texas is a big state, so you won’t having a hard time finding reliable movers you can trust.


Make a list of pros and cons of living Dallas and the pros and cons of living in Fort Worth and see which city has more pluses. The decision won’t be easy, but you need to make it. What to choose – Dallas vs Fort Worth – which city is better for you? Yes, these two cities are near each other and they have a lot of similarities, but on the other hand, they are two different cities with different vibes. Good luck with your Texas relocation!