Cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas

Young professionals from Texas seem to really like Nevada. That is due to all the recent job openings. But there is more to Nevada than just some good jobs. This is a great state overall. The only downside is the really hot weather but Texans are already used to that so for them this is not an issue. There really is something for everyone in Silver State. Nevada’s vibrant nightlife, joyous events, stunning national parks, and plenty of outdoor activities are popular among retirees, working professionals, singles, and families. Those who choose to make Nevada their permanent home will never run out of attractions. Also, there is no income tax in the state, which is a major selling point. Don’t know where to settle down? Fortunately, we are here to assist you and help you choose among the cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas.

Boulder City

Nevada vs Texas is the most common dilemma. But let’s say you chose Nevada for your new home. Where would you find a home? Boulder City, which is home to around 116,000 people, will serve as our pilot location. This is the perfect place for those seeking adventure just 30 minutes from the bright lights of Las Vegas. The city’s Lake Mead sports and leisure area and the nearby Hoover Dam are two of the city’s most famous attractions. Lake Mead is more than just a lake. The surrounding recreation area features hiking trails, beautiful drives, and campgrounds. AreaVibes also praises Boulder City for its favorable conditions, excellent educational opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and low crime rates. Jobs in the information technology sector are plentiful. As such, you should look into this matter further, starting here.

Two people shaking hands
You can find some really great jobs in this area.

Now, let’s see Henderson

Before you start preparing for relocation we need to keep going until you find the perfect city among the cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas. Henderson is the state’s second-largest city and provides its residents with all the benefits of a major metropolitan area without the associated crime. As a matter of fact, the famous ranked Henderson as the region’s second-best area for raising a family because of how secure it is. But this place is also great for job seekers.  Numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation are available in the city, including bike lanes, trails, golf courses, lakes, and more. AreaVibes gave Henderson a high score for its pleasant climate, excellent schools, low crime rate, and steady housing market. Henderson’s cost of living is 4% higher than the state average and 8% above the national average, which is the area’s only real drawback. On the plus side, there are decently paying jobs to be had in this area.

How do you like our list so far? We are looking into more than just job openings. We are doing this mainly because there is more to life than just work. You deserve to be in a place that suits all your needs and Henderson might be it. If it is, make sure to ask professionals to help you with your upcoming relocation.

The obvious one for young professionals from Texas – Las Vegas

Sin City is more than just its flashy hotels, casinos, and neon lights. Families and working professionals will find the city to be a wonderful place to call home. It’s commonly believed that it would be impossible to afford to live in this city. Once you get a bit further from the hotels and other tourist traps, you’ll find that the locals are much more reasonable with their pricing. When leaving the frantic activity of the Las Vegas Strip, locals can take advantage of the city’s excellent restaurants, low-cost residential areas, and thriving arts and culture scene. Several well-known state parks and other natural landmarks are within easy driving distance of the city. The many attractions, the reliable housing market, and the year-round pleasant climate have earned Las Vegas consistently high ratings no matter where you look. Young professionals from Texas are often buying properties here. Even the kids love Las Vegas.

The sign of Las Vegas, ine of the cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas.
Las Vegas is always a safe bet. But this is a safe choice. Consider others as well.

Mogul is perfect for those looking for a small town charm

Mogul, Nevada is a beautiful suburban town perfect for young professionals, growing families, and retirees. lists the city as Nevada’s best suburb overall. There is a strong sense of community in Mogul, and the town is home to both outstanding public schools and also a fairly easy commute to neighboring Reno. AreaVibes praises Mogul for its low crime rates,  but also for its high income per resident, and exemplary school ratings. If you are looking for a peaceful community this can be a great choice. Many digital nomads from Texas can be found here. If this is a place for you, make sure to call Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas and ask for a helping hand. They will easily deal with all the stress that relocations bring.

A family house.
Your white picket fence will look great here.

Biggest “little city” – Reno

Reno, Nevada is known as “America’s Biggest Little City” due to its wide variety of attractions. Good jobs, cheap housing, and an interesting array of nightlife options make it one of the cities in Nevada popular among young professionals from Texas. There are many places that are family-friendly, as well as great public schools, for those with children. The Reno area has a lot to offer retirees, especially those who enjoy the outdoors. The Truckee River, Lake Tahoe, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are all within easy driving distance (located nearby). Thanks to its convenient location and strong housing market, Reno receives high marks in every research you can encounter. This is the last city on our list of the best ones that are perfect for young professionals from Texas. That doesn’t mean others are bad. You should also check out Sparks and Verdi. They are also full of job opportunities nowadays. You have a lot of research ahead of you so buckle down and find your perfect new home.