Canadians moving to Texas – top 5 things to adjust to

Canada is a great place to live but a lot of people seem to be wanting to live in Texas. Recently, there are a lot of Canadians moving to Texas. This is a very long distance move and a very drastic change to make. This is why adjusting might be a hard thing to do. And exactly this is the reason why we decided to try and make adjusting to living in Texas easier by writing about some of the things that are different in Texas.

1. Weather

The first thing that is very different between Canada and the state of Texas is the weather. Canada is a northern country with a lot of snow and cold weather. Not the entirety of Canada is that cold and snowy, but most cities in the country have snow during the winter. This isn’t the case in Texas. Texas is a southern state. It can get very hot during the summer. But even throughout the year, Texas is very warm. There is rarely any snow in Texas. This can be hard to adjust to. If you are used to snowy winters and cold summer nights, this is going to be a big change.

A field in Texas.
Texas is warm and usually has a lot of wind storms.

But for a lot of people, this is exactly the reason to move away from Canada. Not everyone loves cold weather. And if you are one of those people and you are thinking about moving to Texas, Mike The Mover Canada can help you relocate.

2. Prices

Depending on where you are living, the prices are different. For example, Toronto is far more expensive than the small towns in Canada. Even when it comes to real estate. But the pricing in Texas is much different. Texas isn’t an expensive state. Real estate is very affordable, especially if you are moving to a small town in Texas. $250,000 can get you a huge house with a big backyard in Texas. This isn’t the case in Canada.

3. Food

Texas is known for its food. It is spicy and not everyone can handle it. And Canada is much different when it comes to food. It is mild and easy. This is also something Canadians moving to Texas have issues with. This isn’t such a tough thing to get used to as you can buy and eat whatever you want. But when it comes to  ‘traditional’ food, Texan food is much different. And this is solely because Texas is close to Mexico and this had a lot of impact.

A sign for a restaurant in Texas.
Local food is much different.

4. Mentality

When it comes to people, Canadians and Texans are very different. Canadians are much colder. But Texans love spending time with their neighbors, having big get-togethers, and so on. This is something you won’t need a lot of time to adjust to.

5. Appearance

Canada is an amazing country but Texas is much better. Everything is more relaxed. People aren’t in such a hurry. Even Texan towns look much different than the towns in Canada. But we believe that this is a nice change to make. When you find your feet in Texas, you’ll have a lot of exploring to do.