California to Texas Relocation Guide for 2020

Often, people associate stress with relocating. This can be true if you are moving without a plan or a timeline. With so many important elements to consider and plan ahead, a good relocation guide can keep you organized and efficient. Creating a checklist at the very beginning will also give you a visual of key aspects of your move. Overall, a California to Texas relocation can be successful. With a good plan and a few tips we’ll share throughout the text, you’ll be in Texas before you know it.

California to Texas Relocation

In order to ensure that your Texas relocation goes successfully and without any stress, it’s is essential that you come up with your moving plan early on. Once you know that you will be leaving California, sit down and put together a list of things that are necessary to make this move run smoothly. For example, ensure to set a budget before anything. Knowing your finances and financial limits for this move is important.

A man filling in his checklist for California to Texas relocation.
Make your Texas relocation simple by planning ahead and following a timeline.

In addition, look into working with a local real estate agent. Since you will be moving to Texas, working with someone who knows the area well will be able to help you find the home you are looking for. Ensuring that this professional individual is reliable will also make the overall process much easier. Finding a home before leaving California is also key.

Moving Guide

Everyone wants a smooth and confident relocation process. As we mentioned, a good guide will help make that happen. Your task throughout is to stay organized and on top of things. Once you have your budget set and a chosen location for your new home, consider hiring a moving company to assist your move to a new state. With a solid team of professionals, you can transport all your belongings to your homeplace in a few easy steps. Moving from one state to another doesn’t have to be complicated. This is why with professional help, your California to Texas relocation becomes much easier than it might seem. Before you know it, you’ll be crossing the border and saying bye to California. 

Packing 101

Besides worrying about all these important moving aspects, packing can be a bit of a hassle. Once again, due to its repetitive nature, it would be beneficial if you organize your packing in different stages. For example, eight to ten weeks prior to the move, you can start boxing items and things you don’t necessarily need on a daily basis. Then as your moving day approaches, gradually start packing the items and things you do use every day.

A man carrying a pile of cardboard boxes.
Labeling your boxes is always a good idea. It will organize your packing process and simplify your unpacking process.

Meanwhile, start packing only if you have all the necessary materials and supplies. Having this within reach will make the packing process much faster. Your Texas relocation doesn’t however complete when you leave California. It completes once you are fully settled into your new home. Hence, the better organized your packing, the easier the unpacking process. We suggest going room by room and categorizing as you pack. Also, label each and every box so that you and your movers know which box carries what. It’ll help you stay organized, and your more fragile items remain protected without any damages when moving.

The Pros

Moving to Texas is overall a great idea. With California having the highest income tax, many locals have decided to move elsewhere. Not to mention the cost of living to compare to the salaries. Meanwhile, a Texas relocation seems to be the solution for many. As one of a few states without any personal income tax, combined with its cost of living, Texas is amongst the first choices of a new home.

In addition, the real estate market and the overall housing costs are much lower in Texas than in The Golden State. On average, housing expenses are about 54% cheaper than the expenses in California.

A road to Texas.
Texas is a much more affordable state than California.

Although there are many differences between the two, the one good thing that will make the relocation a bit easier is that the climate is very similar. Sometimes, changing climates can take a bit of an adjustment. But with both states having a similar climate, you won’t be having difficulties adjusting with that.

Moving Season

Speaking of the climate in either state, since the seasons have gradual variations, you could save some money by avoiding moving season. For example, the summer is the primary moving season. Most people choose to move in the summer as it is easier in most aspects. However, as the fluctuations in weather aren’t as harsh in California or Texas, you could probably move during another season. The key is to discuss this with and talk about different options for your Texas relocation. If you can book ahead of time, and choose a season that works best for you financially and in general, then you are already on your way towards a successful move. 

Welcome to Texas

Hopefully, at this point, you are better equipped for your Texas relocation. With these simple tips and an easy to follow plan or guide, you will create a hassle and stress-free moving atmosphere. The less stressed you are, the smoother everything goes. The better prepared and organized in the beginning, the more efficient the rest of the stages of the moving process become. It’s like building a home-the stronger the foundation, the better the house. Therefore, focusing to have a good start to the relocation process is key.

In addition, ensure to add research to the planning as well. With solid research, you’ll be able to find a good and reliable moving company to assist with the transfer. Moreover, you will also find a trustworthy real estate agent to work with while finding your new home. All in all, plan accordingly, consider all the necessary elements and simply go with the flow while enjoying moving.