Best Texas cities for families

Ah, Texas. Texas is the largest US continental state. That means that it has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a city to move to with your family, know that Texas is the right state for that. However, some cities are better than others. So, if you’re looking for a city that is good for life with your family in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to see what the best Texas cities for families are, and we are going to rank them. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Round Rock

Round Rock is a fantastic city. It is not too big, and it is not too small. That means that commuting time is short, which means that it is perfect for your children. So, let’s talk about numbers. Round Rock has around 1 hundred thousand residents. More than 90 percent of residents have a high school diploma, and Round Rock has a good schooling system. The economy is strong in Round Rock. Also, international headquarters for Dell is in Round Rock. Round Rock was literary named after a round rock nearby.


We think that Odessa is especially good for families. It has everything you need. It has a similar number of residents like Round Rock, which also means that it is good for commuting from one part of the city to another. Also, Odessa has some unexpected attractions. Odessa meteor crater is located nearby, whit 100 ft of depth, and with 550 ft in diameter. Also, the financial value of the city is great, with only 17 percent of income going to housing. Most definitely, Odessa is one of the best Texas cities for families. Just remember to organize your Texas move.

Best Texas cities for families.
Odessa is one of the best Texas cities for families.


Midland is located in oil county, which means that Midland’s economy is dependent on the extraction of oil. And, as we all know, oil is a great business. Midland’s economy is booming, which means that you’re going to find a job there easily, especially if you are in the oil business. Midland has a lot of family attractions too. It has a fantastic planetarium, called Blakemore Planetarium. Don’t forget to take your kids there.


Plano is such a fantastic city for families, that it is uncertain if it should have been number one on this list. It is such a strong financial city since it houses many corporate headquarters. From Dr. Pepper Snapple Group to Toyota Motors USA. Plano is one of the places you should consider before moving to Texas. So, if you want a city with a strong economy, know that Plano is the right choice for you.

Family is happy.
Plano comes as a close second.


Frisco is our number one pick, although Plano came in a close second. Around 95 percent of residents in Frisco has a high school diploma. Like Plano, Frisco has a lot of major corporate headquarters. That means that Frisco is also a city with a very strong economy, meaning that it wouldn’t be hard to find a job there. Frisco has many attractions for families and children. One of those attractions is the Texas Sculpture Garden, with many beautiful pieces of artwork.