Best cities in Washington for Texas families

We found some of the best cities in Washington for Texas families (and families in general). We considered schools, safety, neighborhoods and residents, and the age groups in those places. This is what we found and chances are you will love these places too.

Best cities in Washington for Texas families

Texans can be difficult sometimes when choosing a new place to live. Mainly because Texas is a great state and they are used to great food and friendly neighbors but Washinton can also be a great place. Leaving Texas will not be easy but it can be good. This is our list and here are our top three picks :

  • Mill Creek
  • Kenmore
  • Redmond
A woman reading a map looking for the best cities in Washington for Texas families.
We know that leaving Texas can be hard but maybe it’s time to go.

Mill Creek

This is our number one pick for Texas families (and families in general). This place can offer you an urban-suburban mix feel and friendly neighbors. That is very important for Texans. Don’t worry, everything else is great too schools, parks, crime rates are low and in general this place passed even with flying colors so make sure to research it first. If you plan to move here, make sure to call movers. They can help you with many things. For example, they can find you a suitable place for extras stuff. Or you can do that on your own, we left you something to research by yourself.


Another great and peaceful place for families. Even though it is great for families because it’s so peaceful, young people also have a lot to do and enjoy here. There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and very nice parks here. So, make sure to research it as well and if you need someone to help you download some moving apps, they can help you to find movers, or in case you need some storage you can always call PortaBox Storage.


Redmond is a bit bigger place but it’s all on lists of family-friendly cities in Washington. One of the best suburban places you can find. The climate is mild, neighbors are friendly, schools are above average and crime rates are low – what more can you want? Redmond is near many attractions so you will always have what to do here. Buying a house here will be easy even if you want to do it remotely.

A road to take when moving from Texas to one of the best cities in Washington
Is now a good place to move from Texas? Only you will know.

Honorable mentions

There are more cities that you might want to consider like Camas, Bellevue, Newcastle, Clyde Hill, and Cammas. Big places like Seattle and Sammamish can also be good for families because they have great schools but there can be noisy and not as safe as the smaller places are. That doesn’t mean they are bad so consider all the factors when choosing your new home.