Best cities in Texas for international companies

Texas is a business-friendly state. It is a breeding ground for business companies. The state has one of the highest GDPs in the country – Texas is only beat by California. Texas has many more benefits, the cost of living is lower than the American average, and there are many tax breaks for companies. You can expand your business to Texas or relocated entirely, and be sure that you will succeed. To help you choose a city for your new business, we have the best cities in Texas for international companies.

One of the best cities in Texas for international companies is Austin

Austin is the capital of the state. Austin has many things to offer, and because of it, the living cost in Austin is higher than the average of Texas. The number one reason why the cost of living is higher in Austin is because of the housing market. Every other expense is about the same compared to Texas.

However, you might have to pay extra for your office space in Austin. But you will be getting a lot for it. The workers in Austin are highly educated around 50% of people over 25 have at least a bachelor’s degree. Many of the graduates from University Texas, Austin stay there and look for a job. So if you were to move your business here, you will be getting qualified employees. You should read some packing tips before you relocate to Texas.

Austin is great if you are in the tech industry. In recent years, Austin has had a technological boom making the city a hub for companies dealing with tech. The most notable companies with their operations in Austin are:

  • Dell, providing many jobs to Austin locals.

  • Austin is one of the best cities in Texas for international companies because Apple has an office there.

  • The wealthiest tech company in the world has its operations in Austin – Amazon.

In addition to the tech companies, there are also many pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Austin. So if you are ready to make new business relations in Austin, get to relocate your company from Saudi Arabia to Austin. They have many different services and will make sure to get your items to Austin in one piece.

The view of Austin, one of the best cities in Texas for international companies.
Austin is the place for international tech companies

Houston, Texas

Houston is the most populated place in Texas. Because of its population, the workforce is immense, and you will have many hiring options. Houston is one of the most diverse places in the whole of Texas. So you can expect to see people from all walks of life. When it comes to the qualification of the employees, they are not as good as in Austin, but nothing to be afraid of. About 30% of adults above 25 have at least a bachelor’s degree.

The cost of living in Houston is lower than the national average. Utilities, grocery, housing, health are all below average. However, like Austin, Houston is a bit more expensive compared to the state average.

an oil drill
Houston is one of the best cities in Texas for international companies because they specialize in oil and gas

When it comes to Houston’s economy, a businessman from Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East will be happy to find out that they deal in oil and natural gas. So you can start to prepare items for transport, they will do your packing with special care, your breakable stock will be packed in wooden crating. Everything will arrive in Houston unbroken. Houston is also a leader when it comes to oilfield equipment. Most of its success comes because of the Port of Huston. The port is the best performing in international good transportation in the whole nation.

However, Houston’s economy is not solely based on oil and gas. They have many tech companies HP Enterprises are planning on relocating their headquarters to Houston. In addition to the tech companies, The University of Houston provides a substantial contribution to Houston’s economy.

The final entry in our best cities in Texas for international companies is Dallas

Dallas is in the middle ground between Austin and Houston. The city has a small-town feel to it even though it is the ninth most inhabited city in the U.S. What set Dallas apart from Austin and Houston is its location. It is in the center of Texas. Because of its location, it is easy to get around the state if you ever have meetings somewhere.

The rearguing theme in this article is that Texas is cheaper than the national average – the same applies to Dallas. But let’s explain what does that means for your company. Because the cost of living is lower, that means that your employees will get to keep more of their income. In addition, because the housing market is cheaper, you won’t have to spend as much money on your office. And you still get all the benefits of the American business market. Heck, you might be getting the best of the American business market. If you moved your business to New York or California, you will be leaking money on real estate. And the cherry on top. Because you picked Texas, you will rip all the benefits of tax breaks that Texas has.

Dallas skyline
There are many Fortune 500 companies in Dallas! Get ready to network.

Companies in Dallas

In the Dallas area, there are 21 Fortune 500 companies. This means that you will network with some big fish if you move your business from the Middle East to Dallas. To get your business to Dallas, turn to professionals for assistance, logistic services KSA will make sure to keep track of all of your shipments and make sure they get delivered on time.

Major employers in Dallas range from healthcare(Baylor University Medical Center ) to retail (Wal-Mart Stores). But the biggest employer is the firm Texas Instruments which specializes in semiconductors.

The end to the best cities in Texas for international companies

We have chosen some of the best cities in Texas for international companies, but this state has many more things to offer. When you relocate, make sure your employees get a relocation package.