All you need to know about moving PODs

If you are unsure what moving PODs mean, it means moving portable storage od demand. If you are looking to save some money while you relocate, moving PODs might be a great solution. Instead of hiring a moving company, it is considerably cheaper to rent a moving container. For example, if you rent PODs for a long-distance move the price can start as low as 800 dollars. This is a great solution if you are looking to save money.

What not to pack

This is a very important thing to know. They refuse to transport hazardous materials. Some things you simply can not pack. Stuff like paint, fertilizers, paint thinners, cleaning solvents. Also, this applies to motor oil. It is considered to be unsafe and they will not transfer those things. If you have something that needs moving and you are unsure if it’s safe to transport, ask them before renting moving PODs.

danger sign
Hazardous materials are not for moving containers.

How long you can keep PODs in your driveway

The minimum storage rental time is one month. Maximum can vary from a company and its rules. They start timing on the day that PODs are delivered to you. You can keep the container on your property but also it can be on PODs rental storage center, whatever you feel like is a better solution for you.

Things to consider before renting moving PODs

As stated before this is a way cheaper solution but that means that you are doing all the hard work yourself. When you hire a moving company they do all the hard work starting from packing, then transportation and sometimes even unpacking. So this is something to think about. Of course, convenience costs quite a bit. Another cool thing about PODs is that they can deliver them very quickly. If you are in a hurry they can deliver them in just 3 hours so this is a big bonus.

Will the container damage my driveway?

This is very unlikely. Containers are delivered using a very sophisticated forklift system. The forklift will safely place the moving container on your property preventing any damages. Of course like with anything in life the accidents can happen, but it is very unlikely as this is a very safe system.

Moving PODs can be in your driveway for a month.

After the move

The coolest thing about moving containers is that you don’t have to think about them for some time. At least a month. Even longer if you need it. You can take your time and prepare your house. This is your portable storage and all your household items will be safe in there so you can relax.

Safe travels

Something you can do to ensure moving PODs and your safe traveling is that you distribute the weight in the container evenly. Use all available space ( wall to wall and floor to ceiling ) placing heavy items on the floor and light ones on top. Good luck and hopefully this will be a great adventure for you.